Whether or not you’d like to lose some weight, sometimes you really have to do it, in order to get rid of health risks and other problems. If your BMI is over 25, you’re overweight, and that can cause a lot of issues.

Here are the most important signs you should lose weight, signals that show you that you’re putting your health in danger by sticking to a weight that’s linked to certain health risks. Even if you don’t care about BMI, here are the ways to tell that you could benefit from getting rid of a little weight.

You’re Hungry Even After Huge Portions

Being hungry all the time can be caused by a poor diet, with not enough fiber, protein, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. However, when you know you’re getting all the nutrients you need, constant hunger can be a sign of insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. You might be prediabetic or could actually have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes.

Your Waist Size Is Putting Your Health at Risk

Even if you choose to ignore your BMI, your waist can be a good indicator that you should lose some weight. For women, a waist circumference larger than 35 inches is one of the signs you should lose weight. If you don’t, you’re exposed to a higher risk of developing heart disease. Excessive belly fat can also increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Health Reasons To Lose Weight

You’re Lacking Energy

When you’re struggling with constant fatigue, that might be caused by excess fat. Lacking energy and getting tired quickly is an effect of inflammation that’s linked to a high BMI. If you struggle with your energy levels, losing weight can help you feel less tired, because your internal organs have to work less to keep everything functional.

You Don’t Exercise Because It’s Hard

One of biggest signs you should lose weight is the fact that you hate exercise. Even if it doesn’t go anything for you mentally, exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle. Excess weight can make it much harder, and if you’re overweight, you can also experience tenderness and pain during physical activity that doesn’t bother most people.

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You Get Complaints About Your Snoring

Snoring is one of the most obvious symptoms of sleep apnea. When you’re overweight, sleep apnea can set in thanks to excess fat in the neck area. That doesn’t just lead to snoring, it also decreases oxygenation while sleeping, which means you’ll wake up less rested and energetic.

You Have High Cholesterol

If your blood tests show high cholesterol, and you’re also dealing with high blood pressure, you’re seeing the signs you should lose weight. Medication and dietary changes can help with these health issues, but losing a little weight can do the same in a more natural way.

There’s a History of Cancer and/or Diabetes in Your Family

When you’re got too much excess fat, your estrogen levels can also go up, increasing the risk of breast cancer. If you have a family history of diabetes, you’re also more likely to develop the condition. Both risks can be lowered if you decide to get to a healthier weight.

Good Reasons To Lose Weight

You’re Dealing with Irregular Menstruation

Problems with fertility, caused by irregular menstruation, are some of the most important signs you should lose weight. Women who work out excessively can also suffer irregular cycles, so it’s important to maintain a good balance when it comes to your weight and level of physical activity. If you’re overweight during a pregnancy, you’re also more likely to develop complications.

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You Don’t Like to Show Skin

If you notice you’re starting to feel uncomfortable when you’re wearing a bathing suit or having to take your clothes off in front of a mirror, your self-esteem might benefit from dropping a few pounds.

You’re Struggling with Joint Pain

Even if you’re unimpressed by most of the signs you should lose weight, the danger of joint pain should convince you that it’s time to drop the excess weight. When you keep gaining weight, your joints have to deal with extra pressure, which can result in back pain, along with hip and knee pain. If your BMI is close to 25, try a sustainable weight loss plan.