A new year is a perfect beginning for a lifestyle change plan and if you’re not the adept of diets, making simple changes that are reliable and that can make a difference sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? The fact is that how you look and how you feel matters, but that doesn’t mean you have to turn towards extreme measures and unhealthy diets to get back to your ideal weight. Making slow and permanent lifestyle changes which target your eating routine as well as your physical activities regimen can bring significant changes in appearance and health, so take a peek at the following reliable no-diet weight loss foods and try to slowly include them to your daily or weekly eating routine.

Grapefruit can definitely be a reliable weight loss food as it seems they contain simple carbs and high doses of fiber. Their low caloric content, high vitamin C, no fat and low sodium content will not only benefit your health but also aid weight loss. Scientists concluded tests which revealed that adding one or one and a half grapefruits to your daily diet can help speed weight loss by apparently reducing the appetite and helping maintain the sensation of satiation.

Apples are definitely great when it comes to aiding in weight loss as they are known for maintaining satiousness. Apparently, eating an apple before lunch can help you cut down more than 180 calories than if you would by eating just your lunch. Delicious and easy to carry along with you in your bag, apples can be perfect low calorie snacks to carry along with you at school or at work, thus preventing you from turning towards unhealthy snacks that are available everywhere you turn.

Eggs for breakfast becomes a good idea (if you’re not allergic) as their higher dose of protein will help you feel satiated throughout the day, so you won’t feel the urge to have a snack or two until lunch. Eat well for breakfast as you’ll need energy throughout the day and gradually decrease the food intake as you approach dinner.

Whole grains can definitely help you loose weight without changing your eating habits as they are less caloric and can improve your cholesterol level. Switch and use brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, and whole wheat in your cooking and soon the results will start showing.

Switch to tomato sauce and homemade vinaigrette as far as dressing and sauces go as this way you’ll not only save packing on plenty of calories but actually avoid a variety of chemicals while enjoying beneficial nutrients.

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