Waking up in the morning and drinking a glass of room temperature water with the juice from half a lemon might not sound like the best way to start the day, but it’s good for you in more ways than you think.

Discover the most important reasons to drink lemon water, and give it a try right away. Drinking lemon water doesn’t just have many health benefits, it can also be a great boost to your skin. Find out why you should give it a chance.

Flush Out Toxins

Forget about cleanses that keep you hungry. A single glass of warm lemon water each morning can help you flush out toxins the right way. Lemon water has a diuretic effect, which in turn means that your urinary tract has a better chance of staying health. The juice from half a lemon can also contribute to enzyme function, helping your liver deal with toxins.

Improve Your Digestion

Even though lemon juice is acidic, it can actually help fight heartburn, bloating and other digestive issues. Your improved liver function will also result in increased production of bile, and your digestive tract full benefits from drinking it in the morning. Among the reasons to drink lemon water, improved digestion is definitely one of the most important ones.

Balance Your pH Levels

Even though lemon juice is acidic, once it gets to your stomach it becomes one one of the most alkalizing foods. An acidic pH has been linked to a higher risk of disease, so drinking lemon water every morning can help keep your body healthy. The alkalizing effect of lemon juice also reduces the concentration of uric acid in your joint, relieving inflammation and pain.

Improve Your Skin

Vitamin C cannot be produced by the human body or stored for too long. That’s why getting a healthy dose of it each morning is a must. Rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, lemon juice can have a big effect on the way your skin looks. Keeping your skin looking its best is one of the top reasons to drink lemon water every morning.

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Boosts Your Immune System

While vitamin C also plays an important role in keeping your immunity up, lemon water has a lot more to offer. Lemons are also high in potassium, which is very important for the circulatory system, and also offers benefits when it comes to your nerve and brain function. You’re also getting saponins from lemon water, chemical compounds with antimicrobial properties.

Helps with Weight Loss

Alkaline diets have been proved to be more effective for weight loss, and starting your day with a glass of warm lemon water can help you a lot. The high content of pectin fiber found in lemons is one of the best reasons to drink lemon water, since this type of fiber doesn’t just make you feel fuller, it can also fight cravings.

Get Fresher Breath

The benefits of lemon water start as soon as you bring the glass to your lips. It doesn’t just have a freshening effect on your breath, but lemon juice can also relieve gingivitis and even tooth pain. However, it’s important to remember that acids of any kind can contribute to enamel erosion. You should wash your teeth before drinking lemon water, never right after.

Enjoy an Energy Boost

It may not have the same power as caffeine, but one of the best reasons to drink lemon water is the fact that it can help keep your energy level stable. A coffee with a lot of sugar in the morning will keep you energized for a while, before you crash or drink more, but lemon water doesn’t have the same drawback.

Stimulate Your Lymphatic System

Another way in which lemon water helps detox your body every day is by stimulating your lymphatic system. Drinking room temperature water is good for it, but adding the freshly squeezed juice from half a lemon improves this important function, helping your lymphatic system flush out toxins and prevent stress.

Fight Constipation

When your intestinal transit is slowed down, you’re keeping toxins in your body for longer and your metabolism can also reduce its rate. One of the best reasons to drink lemon water is to stimulate bowel movements, and the American Cancer Society also recommends it in the morning.