Slow fat burning is the nightmare of all dieters. Those who want to get rid of extra pounds in the quickest time will have to look for more efficient alternatives than pills, long exercise sessions and other radical techniques.

The following quick, no-exercise weight loss tips provide you with the chance to shed a few pounds without extra effort. Follow these basic guidelines to revolutionize your eating plan and sculpt your silhouette without even noticing it.

Each Week One Day Detox

Weight loss specialists offer this simple solution to your slimming dilemmas to guarantee the quick fat burning process. Keep at least one detox day per week to flush out toxins from your system. This diet trick will contribute to slimming. On this day consume only raw fruits, juices, soups and salads. Use organic veggies and fruits to prepare the tasty meals. The positive result will definitely amaze you.

Don’t Overcook Your Food

Raw foods contain more vitamins and nutrients, therefore, it is highly recommended to be extra careful when cooking your meals.

At high temperature various vegetables lose enzymes and you’ll be deprived of their antioxidant content.

Avoid Pre-Packaged Breads, Pastries and Meat

In order to spare your organism from loads of artificial colorings, saturated fat and chemical flavoring solutions, avoid purchasing pre-packaged pastries, meat and even ice cream.

These unhealthy food items will only sabotage your weight loss project. Raid the grocery store or the butchers shop to buy fresh ingredients prepared with a more silhouette-friendly recipe.

Skip Eating Leftovers

Prepare a fresh serving of all your meals instead of stuffing yourself with leftovers. Pro nutritionists claim that when reheated, some of your favorite meals lose all their nutritive value and become extra calories. As a consequence, prepare individual servings of your ambrosial soups, salads and pastas to load your organism with vitamins.

Replace Oil In Your Salad Dressing With Water

Cut back on calories and fat intake with a simple diet trick. Replace at least half of the oil used to prepare your delicious salad dressings with water. Broth is also perfect if you wish to preserve the versatility of your cooking routine. Experiment with this low-calorie substitute to see its impact on your body.

No Exercise Weight Loss

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