We love the feeling of instant gratification and we’re always looking for quick and simple solutions in almost every area of our life. The problem is, when it comes to dieting and weight loss, this type of attitude can rapidly backfire. Whether it’s the pounds returning with lightening speed or various imbalances caused by drastic plans having an adverse effect on our health, the consequences of going for the quick fix can be quite serious.

With that said, many ‘quick fix’ concepts are not necessarily worthless when it comes to losing weight the healthy way. The secret is applying them in a way that assists your weight loss goals without nasty side effects. So, if quick fixes appeal to you, try some of these more sensible approaches to crash dieting:

Instead of juice fasts try… Smoothies as a replacement for a meal. By going for smoothies instead of juices you won’t miss out on healthy fibers and you’ll be able to enjoy richer tastes. By opting for only one raw meal you’ll benefit from a variety of vitamins and minerals and you’ll make the transition to raw food or other vegetarian meals easier if you’re thinking about going in that direction.

Instead of cutting food groups try… Cutting junk food instead. If crash diets taught us something, that is cutting out entire food groups doesn’t do our body any service in the long run. Cutting foods with low to no nutrients will serve your body much better, regardless of whether you’re doing it gradually or cold turkey.

Instead of skipping meals try… Skipping snacks. If you are used to eating only three times a day, don’t feel pressured to add snacks. This is not to say that you should cut them out if they truly work for you. But if they make tracking your calorie intake harder or if they are easy to overdo, feel free to skip them as you’ll be better off. Working with your habits and lifestyle is a lot more productive than working against them.

Instead of changing your diet habits drastically try… Doing enough research to ensure you get all the nutrients you need. You might feel inspired to switch to a vegan diet or go raw as you hear about the multitude of benefits that can be experienced or about the ugly side of the food industry. However, jumping full speed ahead is probably not the best way to go. First off, such quick changes often don’t last and might make you binge later and secondly, if you don’t plan the change carefully, you might feel weak or might end up with various nutritional imbalances. It’s a good idea to consult a professional if you’re contemplating a serious diet change to make sure you get a maximum benefit out of it.

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