The Dukan Diet and the Dr. Atkins diet are amongst the most popular protein rich diets, that many dieters swear by. A protein only diet would be a step even further, that can cause quick weight loss at the price of other health issues.

Low-carb diets are traditionally well regarded when it comes to weight loss, but some nutritionists argue that most protein only diets only help lose water weight and can cause serious problems if the dieter doesn’t return to a more manageable long term solution.

Protein Only Diet: Pros and Cons

One of the first high-protein diet plans, the Atkins diet is the precursor to many more, like the South Beach Diet, all based on the same concept: the body burns fat faster when you only feed it protein.

Protein Diet

Difficult to follow, a protein only diet can really deliver quick weight loss, but the cost may be too high for many dieters. When the biggest part of your daily diet consists of meat products and low-fat dairy, the protein only diet can help shed the pounds faster than other types of diets.

Unfortunately, in the long run, protein only diets can compare to severe calorie restrictions, which can be very bad for your body. Lack of fiber and other important vitamins and minerals is the biggest drawback of a protein only diet.

Constipation is not only unpleasant, but slowing down the passing of food through your digestive track has also been associated with a higher risk of cancer.

Another big danger of the protein diet is keratosis, a dangerous condition associated with kidney failure. As the body breaks down fat, it can also lose muscle mass, creating more toxins than your kidney can deal with.

An increased risk of heart disease is also associated with any protein only diet, since the best sources of protein also deliver plenty of artery-clogging saturated fats.

Protein Only Shake Diet

Protein Shake Only Diet: Pros and Cons

A protein shake only diet takes the already restrictive protein only diet and adds on that most meals should come in liquid form.

The most popular protein shake only diet lasts only 5 days, because the downsides can be even more dangerous than protein only diets where solids make up most of the meals.

Feeding yourself too much protein can increase the risk of heart, kidney and liver problems, but the worst problem of diet is shared by all protein only diets.

Losing the weight is easy, but keeping it off once the diet ends is the biggest problem for most dieters who try protein-rich diets. Always consult a medical professional before starting a protein only diet and consider the lack of long term effects.

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