A balanced diet that resembles the Flexitarian diet and the Mayo Clinic Diet, the Spark Solution is a popular diet that promises impressive results in just two weeks, followed by consistent weight loss, through a combination of calorie restrictions and exercise.

“The Spark Solution: A Complete Two-Week Diet Program to Fast-Track Weight Loss and Total Body Health” by Becky Hand and Stepfanie Romine offers the basics for the diet, including recipes and exercise tips. Before spending money on the book, find out of the Spark Solution is the right weight loss plan for your needs.

Pros of the Spark Solution Diet

With just 1,500 calorie per day and plenty of exercise, the Spark Solution can certainly you lose weight, but before committing to its two week plan, followed by additional guidelines, learn more about its benefits.

Follows Recommended Nutritional Guidelines

Unlike other diets that promise results in just two weeks, the Spark Solution is nutritionally sound in almost every way. When it comes to daily calories that come from protein, carbs and fat, the diet plan doesn’t stray from the government recommendations, and it excels when it comes to calcium intake, a mineral that can aid in weight loss.

It’s Structured with Little Room for Error

If you aren’t a fan of diet that leave many of the choices up to you, the Spark Solution might prove of great help. The daily meal plans are specific for the first 14 days, and include plenty of guidelines for sustainable weight loss. The book offers essential information that explains every choice and makes dieting easy.

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Gives Short-Term Results

Keeping your daily calorie intake at around 1,500 and exercising will definitely provide results and the diet can be followed by most people without any difficulty. As long as you stick to the recommendations for the third and fourth week and turn them into a long term plan, you’re not likely to gain back the extra pounds.

Spark Solution Weight Loss Benefits

Helps You Feel Full for Longer

With around 38 grams of fiber in the sample meal plan, the Sparks Solution diet won’t leave you feeling hungry. By getting a healthy dose of fiber, spread out between three daily meals and snacks, the diet promotes satiety.

Can Be Tweaked for a Gluten-Free, Vegetarian or Vegan Diet

While dieters who want to remain Gluten-free can easily tweak the diet to avoid any wheat and other cereal that contains gluten, vegetarians and vegans might have to work a bit more to adapt it. The Sparks Solution book doesn’t offer too many tips for replacing animal protein, but if you’ve already transitioned to a diet with less meat, you’ll be able to make the necessary submissions without a lot of trouble.

Has an Active Community for Recipes and Extra Tips

If you’d like to try new recipes or get advice from other dieters who follow the Spark Solution diet, you’ll find an active community at SparkPeople.com and a lot of recipe ideas at SparkRecipes.com.

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Cons of the Spark Solution Diet

Dieters who can’t prepare all of their meals won’t find the Spark Solution particularly attractive, and those with a sedentary lifestyle might be disappointed to learn that fitness plays a big part in the diet.

Lacks Convenience and Options for Eating Out

Since the Spark Solution is very specific, you’ll have to plan all of your meals for the first three weeks on the diet. Eating out only becomes an option later, so the structure may not be convenient for dieters who lack the time and patience to follow instructions to the letter.

Sparkle Solution Foods

Includes a Lot of Sodium

If you’re not careful, the Sparks Solution may end up increasing your daily sodium intake. While the recommendations vary from a maximum between 1,500 and 2,300 mg, a sample menu can easily push your daily intake over 3,000.

Exercise Is Important

The Sparks Solution book includes detailed workouts for the first couple of weeks and encourages you to exercise in order to lose weight faster. The 1,500 calorie daily limit may leave you without the energy you need to exercise, but the fitness section of the Sparks Solution is designer to appeal to beginners, just like the clear dietary guidelines.