I’m sure there are very few diet virgins among us, but most people, especially women tend to adopt any type of weight management to keep their body in shape or to lose weight. Nutritionists and diet creators tend to abuse of our naivety. That’s why it is useful to know some popular myths and facts about diets, before starting them.

Coffee is a tool to lose extra pounds MYTH!

Some of use might feel that a cup of coffee can suppress our appetite. However it is just a myth, caffeine in general won’t help you lose weight. Excessive consumption of it can lead to insomnia and other health disorders.

FACT! Instead drink 1 or 2 cups of coffee per day without adding any ingredients to it. Remember this beverage won’t make you gain weight but sugar, cream and other treats you add to it.

Lose weight by having dinner before 8 P.M. MYTH!

It is demonstrated by nutritionists that your organism can’t follow some kind of routine. It digests the same way, every time, however it’s more important what you do after your meal. If you lie in your bed, sure those extra calories will be stored a little longer. No problem, on the next day you can still get rid of them.

FACT! Try not to eat after 8 P.M. to avoid feeling stuffed and having a sleepless night. It is said that snacks consumed at night tend to do more harm than good. If you want to have some treat anyway choose fruits or cereals, these can be delicious too.

Eating between meals can make you gain weight MYTH!

The best part of this myth is that specialists advise you to eat some fresh snacks between meals to keep your sugar level balanced. In fact this way you’ll enhance your metabolism.

FACT! You should not give free way to your eating panic attacks. Watch out for the calories, you must not break down the daily food intake to more meals. You can adopt any routine but still try to consume healthy snacks between meals as fruits or vegetables. Satisfy your hunger with these rather than stuffing yourself too much at the next meal.

Carbohydrates are our no.1 enemies MYTH!

People tend to think that following a low-carb diet can do miracles for their figure. If you cut back on food rich in carbohydrates, you’ll be able to lose weight more easily. Some diets encourage you to totally eliminate these ingredients from your daily menu.

FACT! In fact carbohydrate are the most essential nutrients of our body as well as brain. Believe it or not it is the only source for energy that we have from food intake. It is true that you must consume them with a limit, but if you are aware of the proportions, you can control carbohydrates very easily.