Advocating a return to how people used to eat more than 10,000 years ago, the Paleo diet includes major dietary restrictions, from grains and legumes to dairy, and promises to reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Called a fad diet by many nutritionists, the Paleo diet has plenty of ardent fans, who swear by its great effects when it comes to weight loss and reducing the risk of many health issues. Discover the Paleo diet pros and cons before deciding if this way of eating is the right choice for your weight loss goal and lifestyle.

Paleo Diet Pros

Since the Paleo diet is fashioned after dietary options that go back to when human were hunters and gatherers, most grains are forbidden on this weight loss plan. If a diet that mostly consists of meat, fish, along with fruits and vegetables sounds great to you, the Paleo diet might be a good option.

It Probably Won’t Leave You Hungry

One of the biggest Paleo diet pros is the fact that it’s high in both fiber and protein, making every meal filling and keeping you safe from hunger pangs. If you’re willing to invest in the Paleo lifestyle and say goodbye to grains and refined sugar, the diet also promises a reduced risk of diabetes and keeping your blood sugar level.

Paleo Diet Benefits

It’s Flexible

Since it’s more of a lifestyle than a weight loss plan, the Paleo diet allows you the freedom to create your own caloric deficit in order to make progress when it comes to losing the extra pounds. The diet itself also includes a few level, allowing you anywhere from one to three “cheat” meals per week, where you can eat foods that are generally prohibited.

Very Low in Sodium

High levels of sodium in your diet can lead to hypertension and other cardiovascular problems, so the lack of sodium in this diet is definitely one of the Paleo diet pros, as long as you don’t add too much table salt to your meals.

You’ll Be Eating Less Processed Food

The major benefit of the Paleo diet is the fact that it cuts out more processed foods, leaving you with good sources of animal protein, along with fresh produce. That should lead to weight loss if your current eating habits include plenty of processed food.

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You Can Find Plenty of Recipes

One of the biggest Paleo diet pros is the fact that you won’t have trouble finding recipes. Whether you decide to purchase Paleo diet books or simply look for free recipes online, you’ll have plenty of variety in Paleo dishes.

Paleo Diet Cons

While taking out grains out of your diet completely is one way to go gluten-free, the Paleo diet’s weight loss benefits aren’t backed up by many nutritionists and the number of studies is limited.

Weight Loss Isn’t Guaranteed

If you want quick weight loss, you might run into one of the Paleo diet cons. While removing processed foods from your diet is certainly beneficial to weight loss, it takes a lot of work to stick to its dietary restrictions and you’re a dieter that quickly abandons weight loss plans, the Paleo diet is unlikely to keep you satisfied.

Major Dietary Restrictions

By taking out grains and legumes completely, the Paleo diet has faced concern from many nutritionists, who aren’t convinced about its effectiveness. Alcohol is out too, unless it’s part of one of the “open” or cheat meals.

Paleo Diet Negative Effects

Can Create Health Issues

If you’re not sure how to stick to more healthy choices when it comes to meat, you’ll be at risk of cardiovascular disease because of the high intake of saturated fat. One of the Paleo diet cons is also the fact that you can lose out on many nutrients found in grains.

Can Get Expensive

It’s up to you to buy a book or not, since you’ll plenty of details and recipes online, but your grocery store bills are likely to increase once you switch to Paleo.

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You Might Need Dietary Supplements

Vitamin D and calcium supplements are recommended, and if you’re not going to eat enough fish, you might consider fish oil as a dietary supplement. That’s definitely one of the Paleo diet cons, and if you’re suffering from any chronic diseases, you should consult a physician before making the change to the Paleo lifestyle.