You can easily get back in shape and recover your good tonus just by eating healthy foods that give you energy. Are you still not sure which to choose? Then take a look at our list!

Five Super Foods that Give You Energy All Day


Fruits are very rich in natural sugar which will help you boost your energy level and will keep your body healthy. Specialists in nutrition recommend consuming at least one fruit between meals in order to maintain your body and mind healthy. Plus, some of them are very rich in Vitamin C which will prevent you from catching a cold . Why not trying some frozen fruits for making healthy and tasty smoothies in the morning, or grapes, strawberries or cherries to get your energy level up?

Spinach   Energy Booster

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are also perfect choices when it comes to foods that give you energy. They are very rich in vitamins A and C, key factors in boosting your energy throughout a long day at work. If you don’t exactly have the time to cook a proper meal, then you can make a delicious green smoothie that will keep you energized and hydrated all day long. Therefore, you shouldn’t stay away from spinach or kale, amazing sources of vitamins and minerals.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are excellent when it comes to eating your breakfast because, although they’re rich in carbohydrates, they will help increase your energy level. Therefore, start consuming more often oatmeal, quinoa or couscous, great sources of vitamin B that will definitely make you feel energized and will bring back your appetite for life.

Spices Give You Energy


Spices, like cayenne pepper, will provide the necessary boost of energy your body needs to stay active throughout the day. Moreover, they will help protecting your heart and keep your body functioning in good parameters. We also suggest consuming peppers because they also have another great property: they help you lose some pounds. The best way would be to eat fresh spices and herbs because, this way, you’ll not lose any of their healthy nutrients.

Lean Meat

We’d recommend trying out chicken or turkey because they’re rich in tyrosine, a great amino acid that helps you defeat fatigue. They’re also rich in vitamin B and iron which are perfect for your muscles, especially if you started working out.

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