Mushrooms are a high-protein food with less fat and sodium than meat and some celebrities are trying a diet rich in mushrooms to lose weight fast. Learn more about the mushroom diet and its weight loss benefits.

The M-Plan or Mushroom Diet is already favored by celebrities like Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne, thanks to its attractive promise: lose weight in just 14 days in problem areas with a simple meal replacement.

Mushroom Diet Basics

Scientific research shows that protein-rich mushrooms can be an excellent aid to weight loss. Even replacing meat with mushrooms in 4 meals every week can help you lose weight. For faster results, the Mushroom Diet is based on replacing a meal every day with cooked or raw mushrooms.

Mushroom Diet Basics

Replacing lunch or dinner with a mushroom dish seems to be all there is to this new diet. There is no Mushroom Diet plan per se, but swapping mushrooms for meat is a healthy option according to nutritionists.

Some dieters may take the idea even further and eat a mushroom only diet, but experts advise against it, since mushrooms mainly contain protein and fiber, but lack other important vitamins and minerals.

Mushroom Diet Benefits

Drop pounds with the mushroom diet by sticking to the main principle of the diet and avoiding other excesses. Luckily, mushrooms seem to be the perfect food for such an easy diet to follow.

In just two weeks, with one meal that consists of mushrooms every day, dieters may not only lose weight, but slim down problem areas, like the waist.

Rich in protein without unhealthy fats, mushrooms are also a very food source of dietary fiber. By accelerating bowel functions and making you feel satisfied for longer, mushrooms have at least two important benefits for weight loss.

Despite the rich protein content, mushrooms are low in calories and that means you can eat the portions you want without risking putting on weight.

Mushroom Diet Meal

High in B vitamins, zinc and iron, mushrooms can also have a good effect on the skin, but the weight loss benefit of the M-Plan is the best reason to eat one meal every day consisting of mushrooms.

Another benefit of a Mushroom Diet plan is the fact that cooking only makes them lose water, but not flavor, making for delicious meals. Mushroom Diet recipes aren’t special in any way, except for the fact that they don’t include any meat or fats which can mess with the weight loss process.

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