Counting calories might be a real challenge, however, if you know how to juggle with the healthiest ingredients, you’ll be spared of this burden. Increase the functioning of your metabolism with a few easy-to-handle tricks from the best dietitians of the world.

Feel free to combine different elements and fuse them into delicious recipes to tame your hunger. Starvation is not the solution for slimming. Skim through the following low-calorie foods for rapid weight loss that help you revolutionize your eating habits.


In the past decades people went crazy about soy. More and more recipes were invented that include the use of this ingredient. Indeed, it was repeatedly proved that soybean contains a high amount of lecithin, an element that allows the organism to pile up less fat and break down the calories more easily. If you’re ready to embrace a healthy nutritional plan, make sure soy features on your menu.


Fiber is essential to lose weight rapidly. Therefore, consume ingredients that are rich in this element. Oats are the perfect option for breakfast in order to keep your metabolism on top speed.

Moreover, oatmeal is broken down slower, offering you the chance to tame your cravings. Liven up the calorie burning process and control the insulin production by eating oatmeal for breakfast.


Besides being extremely tasty, it was demonstrated that the regular consumption of coconuts can also increase the metabolism up to 30%.

Eat this fruit when you’re tempted by monster treats packed with calories. Coconut milk and the raw fruit all contain medium chain triglycerides that are important for the proper functioning of the metabolism.


Fish oil can boost calorie burning radically. Therefore, make sure sardines feature in your weight loss diet. Numerous studies demonstrated the magical benefits of this ingredient. Consume fish in order to provide your organism with anti-oxidants and vitamins that allow your metabolism to break down the already existing fat deposits.


This magical fruit can help you lose weight without even noticing it. Nutritionists discovered that eating at least half a grapefruit before the main meals of the day allows people to lose up to 3.6 pounds over no more than 12 weeks. The miracle lies in the fact that there’s no need to change your diet at all. The secret is to include grapefruit into your daily menu. This fruit keeps the insulin production on the ideal level helping the organism to burn fat more easily.

Low Calorie Foods

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