Having a slimmer figure requires sustained effort in this direction and constantly exercising our willpower to get the desired results can quickly drain our energy. Obviously, turning to crash diets or potentially dangerous diet pills is never advisable, but a few safe no effort strategies can definitely help you over the long run. Don’t expect fat loss miracles though. Instead, enjoy a slightly more effective weight loss process. Here are a few tips to try:

Up your water intake Water is involved in a multitude of daily body processes and today no one argues the importance of adequate hydration. In the area of dieting, proper water intake can help you lower your food intake by helping you avoid confusion between thirst and real hunger while also helping you reach satiety sooner. Try adding lemon, mint or even a hint of natural orange juice if you find it hard to drink plain water all the time.

Eat something healthy before indulging If you severely limit your indulgences, you will be likely go overboard when you actually get to indulgences or, even worse, will be tempted to break the rule and indulge even when you aren’t supposed to. By resolving to eat something consistent with your diet right before caving in to a culinary temptation, you will be enjoying default portion control and you may feel satisfied faster and with a lighter calorie load.

Don’t diet during stressful times Going through a stressful time? Then it might be wise to postpone your dieting program until you manage to adequately cope with the stress. Research shows that overexerting our willpower with everything from daily minutiae to more important goals results in lower chances of success. That’s why testing your willpower over and over is likely to backfire in many areas.

Get enough shut eye time While it might seem like enough sleep is just your standard healthy living tip, recent studies show that it can actually impact weight loss in a significant way. For example, those who frequently sleep 4 hours a night have 73% higher risk of becoming obese compared to those who get proper rest. Moreover, those who skimp on sleep experience a 20% drop in leptine hormone levels, the hormone which signals satiety to the brain, so being tired can mean that you eat more without realizing.

Include seasonal fat burning food Relying on ultra popular superfoods will likely prove to be a drain on your budget, the last thing you want in this already shaky economic situation. Keep your budget in check and do your waistline a favor by including more healthy food in your diet rather than aggressively cutting calories. Lentils, watermelon, homemade smoothies, papayas, romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes or squash are a few great choices.

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