Losing the extra pounds off our body is not an easy thing to do. It is easier to gain weight than to lose weight, this is why it is best to watch out for weight gain.

Every woman dreams of having a beautiful slim, well sculpted and proportioned body, unfortunately not everyone has the same body shape, metabolism and lifestyle. All these factors determine the shape of our body, so it is best to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To shed the extra pounds from our body a lot of ambition and training will be necessary. It is best to lose the pounds gradually to ensure you are not depriving the organism from the nutrients it needs to receive in order to function properly. Losing weight healthy means eating healthy, exercising regularly and losing weight gradually.

The best way to start a healthy diet is to make a plan before you start. It is best to have 5 meals which are smaller than the regular three meals a day. This way the organism will receive the nutrients it needs, it will be able to assimilate the food better and you will not feel hungry.

Make sure you have your last meal before 7 o’clock because in the evening our metabolism starts to slow down, because we do not consume as much energy as during the day.

healthy weight loss losing weight

The foods that the meals should contain should be rich in vitamins so eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Protein is also necessary for our body and we can get our protein from lean meats like salmon, skinless chicken breast, etc. Make sure to choose your diet from the nutritionist recommended foods.

Avoid drinking alcohol during dieting because alcohol contains empty calories, which don’t benefit the organism. Drink instead 8 glasses of water daily to maintain your body well hydrated. Also the water will help your cravings.

To lose weight it is necessary to exercise. Physical exercises help burn up fat deposits and transform them into energy as well as help strengthen the muscles. The best exercise programs include cardio training combined with strength training. This way your body will loose weight, strengthen as well as maintain healthy.

Try to exercise about 1 to 2 hours, six times a week if you wish to see results fast. If you have a difficult time maintaining your physical exercise program start exercising as much time as you can and than gradually increase the time as you get used to the program.

Make sure you work all your muscle groups and insist on the body parts which need more strengthening. This way you will lose the extra weigh and maintain a supple and healthy body.