Stop munching snacks that can only make you hungrier and build up a balanced, healthy diet. Embrace a slimming plan that suits your health condition and lifestyle. Incorporate in your menu a high amount of natural ingredients rich in fiber and vitamins.

This brief list of quick weight loss foods can furnish you with inspiration for your next shopping spree at the grocery store. Pack your fridge with delicious green vegetables and low-calorie fruits that help you handle cravings with ease.


Lose weight with the regular consumption of curds prepared from skimmed milk. These ingredients are super-rich in vitamins, protein and calcium. These elements play an essential role in a healthy slimming process. Combine your favorite fruits with curds for an ambrosial dessert.


These juicy fruits are perfect to tame your cravings for sweet treats. Clementines contain a high amount of vitamin B, C and potassium.

These nutrients help you stay energetic to complete your daily workout sessions and other activities. One Clementine has only 35 calories, therefore you can consume a high amount of it during your weight loss project.


Some refuse to consume this fabulous ingredient due to its strong smell. However, garlic just can’t be eliminated from a healthy weight loss plan.

These magical ingredients have the power to control your blood sugar level and help you resist the temptation of cravings. Add garlic to your fav salads and main meals.

Red Peppers

Red chili peppers are the most efficient fat burning foods used by pro nutritionists. Sprinkle a tiny amount of this spicy ingredient on your salads and sandwiches to burn a few extra calories. Moreover, due to their high content of Capsaicin, red peppers can also give you a sense of satiety for a longer period of time.


Those who wish to lose weight dramatically can turn to algae as the revolutionary ingredient to curb their cravings. Numerous studies demonstrated the fab effect of seaweed on our organism. Prepare delicious shakes or salads from algae and shed a few extra pounds without even noticing it.

Feta Cheese

Dairy products play an important role in a healthy slimming project. Consume feta cheese rich in calcium, vitamin B12 and protein to keep your metabolism on high speed. This healthy ingredient can be added to delicious salads and sandwiches.

Lose Weight Qick Food

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