How to lose weight by eating the right food

You don’t have to starve yourself in order to lose weight – you can still lose weight by eating the right food. Here’s a list of foods that will boost your metabolism and will help you shred some pounds only by eating them on a regular basis.

Green tea

The basic ingredient of green tea is caffeine. Caffeine accelerates the heart rate so your body consumes more energy and burns more fat. It has been proven that green tea is very effective in lowering cholesterol levels. In addition to all it’s benefits scientist believe green tea contains a substance that burns fat more quickly. So drink up!


Coffee contains caffeine which enhances performance and stimulates the brain and the nervous system. Coffee speeds up the metabolism and helps in the fat decomposition process and is also rich in antioxidants. Caffeine may even help the muscles to contract stronger so drinking one small cup of coffee per day won’t do you harm. (Keep in mind that this applies only to ground coffee beans and not instant coffee).

green tea


Yogurt is a natural product made from fermented milk. The daily consumption of yogurt helps improving our cholesterol level by lowering the bad cholesterol LDL and increasing the good cholesterol HDL. Studies conducted by scientist have shown that by eating yogurt you increase the calcium intake so you can burn more fat and reduce the risk of obesity. The fat seems to be burned especially around the abdominal area.

Hot peppers

These vegetables are used more commonly in the oriental cuisine. The exotic dishes contain hot peppers because they give a sharp strong taste. Hot peppers contain capsaicin a substance that helps stimulate our body to produce stress hormones that speed up the metabolism. Spicy food makes you sweat more and increases your heart rate and the body will burn more fat.


There are many spices that have been proven to help burn fat deposits but cinnamon is the most popular of all. Researchers have shown that consuming cinnamon can increase body’s metabolism up to 20 times beyond it’s natural state. This causes our body to burn stored fat in order to get energy so you lose weight. In addition when cinnamon is consumed with other types of foods it can help the body to metabolize sugars more effectively decreasing blood sugar levels.


sea food

Fish meat is known for it’s healthy benefits. Fish oil contains high levels of essential Omega-3 fatty acids that lower the leptin levels in our body which cause our metabolism to break down fats or lipids more easily.

Lean meat

Lean meats like chicken, turkey and buffalo help our metabolism because they require more energy from our body to complete the digestion process. Lean meat is rich in protein which help boost metabolism, lose fat and build stronger muscle tissue.