Liquid diets are generally based on fruits and vegetables because they are the best at providing your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, while also minimizing the chances of cancer. Expert nutritionists advise against following such restrictive liquid diets in the long run, since they lack important nutrients and are particularly low in calories.

Clear Liquid Diet

A Clear Liquid Diet as a weight loss method consists mainly of “clear” liquids – such as water, soups and clear, unflavored gelatin – which are directly processed, leaving no residue in your digestive system. A clear liquid diet may be recommended only for a couple of days by your physician before performing a complex procedure or – in the worst cases – as a more long term solution. It can help improve your condition if you suffer from digestive disorders.

Since a clear liquid diet cannot guarantee your necessary calorie and nutrients intake permanently, you shouldn’t follow it for more than a few days, no more than a week, during which weight loss may be achieved. An important aspect of a clear liquid diet is that it helps maintain the proper level of hydration in your body. You also get to benefit from electrolytes like sodium and potassium that add a bit of extra energy to your restrictive days.

Soup For A Liquid Diet

Liquid Amino Diet

The Liquid Amino Diet is actually a low glycemic type of diet whose followers make good use of “Amino Diet Plus” drops specifically designed for weight loss. Authors of the Liquid Amino Diet plan claim that each drop helps accelerate your weight loss program. The “Amino Diet Plus” drops supposedly increase your metabolism, while burning fat without affecting the proper functions of your digestive system.

Besides using the “Amino Diet Plus” drops you will have to take on a specific low glycemic diet plan, with breakfast, lunch and dinner and only one or two small snacks in between. The Liquid Amino Diet plan is divided into three phases, during which you should have a more copious breakfast, with the other two meals becoming progressively smaller to achieve weight loss.

Liquid Diet Plan

Nutrients allowed in a clear liquid diet consist of: plain water; fruit juices without any pulp, such as pineapple juice, grapefruit or cranberry juice, strained lemonade, clear, fat-free soups, sugar-free sodas, plain, flavorless gelatin, honey, tea and coffee without milk or cream.

Honey For A Liquid Diet

Do Liquid Diets Really Work?

Liquid diets are generally low in calories. Once you start eating fewer calories than your body normally uses up, it will result in weight loss. Still, your liquid diet weight loss may be momentary, and returning to your old diet might lead to gaining back the lost weight. 

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