People have been struggling with their weight problems for years so a lot of diet plans have been created in order to help shed the extra pounds off our body. Some diets are harder to keep and some are easier, some are more efficient then others but it all depends on what works for your body and how ambitious you are.

The forking diet is a diet that is relatively easy to keep. You don’t have to calculate and measure what you have to eat, making it easier and funner to try.

The name of this diet pretty much says it all, it is about eating whatever you want as long as it can be eaten only with a fork. You won’t have to restrict yourself from eating and eating only soup, you will be able to eat everything that can be eaten with a fork.

There are two ways to keep this diet depending on what you wish and how well you can refrain yourself from eating something else:

The strict way

The lenient way

fork eating forking diet

The strict forking diet

The strict forking diet is for people who have a strong will. It will lead to a more rapid weight loss than the gentler diet but you will have to restrain yourself more. The rule of the strict forking diet is to avoid eating anything that has been prepared with anything else than a knife, you can only eat what can be prepared with a fork, no knife, no spoon, nothing else. That means you will not be able to eat fresh salads, vegetables, peas, beans, pasta, rice, whole wheat, fish. You will not be able to eat meat, pizza, fruits, biscuits, chocolate, soup, any spreads, ketchup mustard, yogurt. If you can’t eat it with a fork, you can’t eat it.

The lenient forking diet

This diet is a little bit less strict than the previous one but the weight loss is not as rapid as well. You will be allowed to eat foods that are prepared with a knife but you will only eat what can be eaten with a fork. Just as on the strict forking diet you will not be able to eat foods that have to be eaten with a knife or a spoon. You will be allowed though to scrambles eggs, sea food, salads, fish and white meat.

This diet will help you loose weight gradually thus keeping the weight off. It is a great diet for people with ambition and desire to stop weight fluctuations.

Tip Eat as diverse as possible to get all the nutrients you body needs to stay healthy.