Even though fast fixes might have become a part of the mainstream culture, the truth is that going back to basics is often a better solution, especially when it comes to healthy eating. Although popular diets often can deliver the promised results, once we go back to our habits and old way of eating the problems reappear and even worsen.

Since sudden, drastic changes don’t last as they are often too restrictive, gradual changes are often a much better strategy. There are various small strategies we instantly dismiss thinking they have no real value over the long term the truth is that small habits can really add up and make a difference over the long term. Here are a few ideas you can use to get started:

Control your cravings It can be easy to give into cravings without really understanding what they really mean. Food cravings can often signal certain nutritional deficiencies we have. Understanding the message and finding healthy substitutes is often a smart idea as it will help us feel less guilty when we choose to satisfy cravings. If you find it hard not to feel guilty when indulging make a promise to yourself to compensate by moving more and stick to it.

Eat more mindfully Although the choices you make at the dinner table have the most noticeable effects over your waistline, mistakes at the dinner table could be making the problem worse than it needs to be. Habits such as chewing slowly, opting for a slightly smaller plate, catching the eating pause or stopping when you are about 80% full can really make a difference over the course of a year. None of these changes are very complicated yet they can help you slim down a bit without making too much effort.

Cut 100 calories a day Drastic calorie restrictions have countless negative effects on our health such as lowering the basal metabolic rate, lowering energy level as well as depriving our body from several important nutrients. On the other hand, cutting 100 calories a day or burning 100 extra calories a day could translate 36500 calories less contributing to a significant weight loss over the course of one year. Cutting calories can be something as simple as selecting lean ham over bacon, putting half the cheese on a pizza slice, choosing red sauce over white or opting for a medium portion instead of a large one. When it comes to beverages opting for tall glasses instead of large small ones can help you cut calories almost without noticing.

Try more vegetarian dishes Vegetarian food can be an enchanting culinary experience if you are just willing to give it a try. Many vegetarian and vegan dishes tend to be lower in saturated fat compared to the conventional varieties and, if you opt for healthy versions, chances are will get a better variety of nutrients as vegetarian dishes often use a greater variety of vegetables and legumes. Aside from avoiding being stuck in the same nutritional routine you will also reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

Beware of emotional eating When food becomes a reward or a source of comfort it is quite easy to accumulate unwanted extra pounds. Moreover, if this behavior becomes a habit it can prove quite hard to break. It is extremely important to recognize a pattern early on and to do our best to find healthier alternatives to deal with our emotions. Aside from exercising self discipline it is also important to be able to get enough rest as fatigue can weaken our willpower to a great extent, making us more vulnerable to stress and wrong dietary decisions.

Slimming without dieting