What do water and lemon as the go to drink, using your favorite dress as motivation and avoiding emotional eating triggers advice all have in common? They’re predominantly snippets of wisdom targeted towards women. The high emphasis on creating a custom weight loss program that will take into account personality characteristics is certainly helpful in making the entire process work for us. However, adopting other tactics, like the ones used by the opposite sex can also prove highly efficient in revving up our regimen. Try some of the following tactics to improve your results:

Don’t Overthink Perfectionism often gets in women’s way when trying to achieve a complex goal. Because of the complexity of the issue, women often feel the need to over-analyze every single aspect of the process ensuring everything is planned out just right. However, spontaneously trying exercise classes that spark your interest, upping the intensity when you’ve had a challenging day and other spontaneous exercise behaviors can definitely help you stick to your plan and even have more fun in the process, so don’t get caught up too much in fixed plans that may or may not work for you.

Go for Whole Foods Ever noticed how no commercial shows men trying to lose weight carrying 100-calorie packs with them? Research shows there’s a good reason for it since they are less likely to buy something labeled ‘low calorie’ or ‘diet’. Instead, by focusing on unprocessed foods, the sensation of psychological fulfillment and the extra nutrients from healthy snacks, you will feel more satisfied and might even eat less.

Use your ego It’s become pretty obvious that male ego is tightly linked to physical appearance and gym performance. While our ego is wired in different ways, we can also benefit from letting our competitive spirit shine through when training to go longer or faster, especially since it can be one of the best ways to overcome weight loss and keep your motivation up and running.

Focus on improving yourself It’s hardly news that men worry a lot less about social perception than woman do. Constant social comparison can negatively impact performance and even lead to social anxiety to some degree, especially since we mostly compare ourselves in areas we fall short on and take areas where we do well for granted. Rather looking for feedback outward, focus on how your actions most benefit yourself and your lifestyle.

Track your performance One more thing we could benefit from adopting from guys is the well directed determination to hit the desired goal. For this purpose, tracking workout performance should not be seen as optional. Knowing exactly where you stand and when you need to push harder is one of the most effective ways to get the desired results in less time than you would without the clear feedback.

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