You want to gain some weight? You should definitely do it the healthy way without feeling stuffed and uncomfortable after every meal. Here are some tips on how to gain some weight the healthy way.

When we hear 'diet' we will think of weight loss and getting rid of extra pounds, however there are people who also struggle to have curves and a bigger dress size.

For those who belong to the latter category here is the weight gain diet. Learn how to gain some weight and see whether you can include this plan into your daily routine.

The greatest benefit of this nutritional plan is that it won't make you change your eating habits dramatically. In fact it's an overall view of the foods you are recommended to consume in order to gain weight.

The quality is as important as the quantity, the main objective is to build muscles not to pile up harmful fats in your body.

Junk food and saturated fat is not a remedy for putting on some extra pounds. The key to a healthy diet is in the calorie and protein intake.

The basic rule is to consume more calories than you usually burn - this is a sure way to have a balanced weight gain diet.

The eating routine should also be a special one, eat at least 5-6 times a day. Consume 3 larger and 2 or 3 smaller meals, in order to give your organism time to digest it properly, without having stomach pains because of the fullness.

Don't starve or postpone eating, try to follow a well-defined schedule - soon you'll get used to eating regularly.

Calorie-dense foods are basic elements of an efficient weight gain diet. You'll have to opt for ingredients that belong to this category. Fruits and especially fruit juices are rich in these basic ingredients.

Besides eating healthy, these would have an important nutritional value. Look for organic ones without any artificial additives. Whole grains, cereals, potatoes, rice and pasta all belong to the group of calorie-dense foods.

Containing a large amount of complex carbohydrates these will complete a healthy meal. Choose delicious dried fruits, bananas and nuts as well as raisins and dates.

Building muscles is also essential, you want toned thighs and belly, not only fat bags. That's why protein is your best friend in having a dream-figure.

Lean proteins proved to be the best choice for a tasty diet. Where do you get these? From egg whites, fish, turkey, chicken and lean beef.

However you can jazz up your diet also with dairy products and all kinds of seeds as: sesame, sunflower and almonds.

It's nice to see that those who gain weight are allowed to eat almost everything. Almost! Still there are some high-fat, high-sugar foods you should keep away from. These are: pork, sausage, whole milk products, bacon as well as cream, butter, sweets and biscuits.