Cravings can definitely get in the way of achieving that perfectly fit and toned body that you’ve always dreamed of as calorie intake annuls all the hours you’ve spent in the gym, so how can you curb cravings to ensure you not only look fab but feel great also? Scientists have been trying to explain why cravings occur, but so far no results have been obtained. However, these researches have helped scientists come a little bit closer to solving the mystery behind cravings.

The urge to treat yourself with something delicious, whether sweet, salty or spicy is most of the times difficult to control, so no wonder that the pounds keep on piling-up, leading to weight gain and obesity.

According to DailyMail, a group of researchers from Yale University have identified a weakness in the brain of obese people that makes them more susceptible than slim people to giving into their cravings especially when hungry.

DailyMail also states that Dr. Dorothy Virtue, a psychotherapist that used to work with alcohol and drug addicts but re-specialized on the study of eating disorders, believes that uncontrollable cravings can be linked to emotional issues. The doctor states that she discovered the link as she herself suffered from these cravings, so she decided to try and understand what triggers these cravings. She stated that:

“When I finally listened to my gut, instead of smothering it with food, my life radically shifted. I transformed myself from a fat, unhappy woman with little money or romance in her life, into a trim-figured psychotherapist rich in friendship, love, and financial success.”

According to Dr. Virtue, these cravings can be linked back to emotional states we find ourselves in, such as being stressful, feeling angry, anxiety or shame, so she traced a link between certain food groups that are craved and certain feelings experienced that can trigger these fixed cravings.

Craving for crunchy food groups can be a sign of stress or frustration, cravings for creamy foods can be a sign of anxiety, insecurity or guilt, craving for chewy foods can be a sign of jealousy, confusion or self loathing, craving for carbs can be linked to stress, tension or fear, craving for chocolate can be a sign of loneliness and disappointment, the need to be loved while craving spicy food can be triggered by the need of excitement in your life.

Could a better understanding of our feelings help banish uncontrollable cravings? Well, this idea is definitely worth looking into, so try your best to learn how to curb cravings so you can lead a healthy lifestyle. Remember that a healthy lifestyle implies a healthy diet, as well as a regular exercise routine. Find the perfect balance for you and work your way to staying healthy.

How to Curb Cravings

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