Overeating is one of the main causes for gaining weight. But, most of the time, when you start realizing the truth, the diet fever begins, you stop eating and you enter in a vicious circle that can cause serious medical problems and diseases. The best thing to do is to restrain yourself and learn step-by-step how to eat so you don’t have to suffer after. Here are a few tips an tricks on how to avoid overeating no matter the occasion and the people involved.

Don’t go to occasions on empty stomach

Before going to someones birthday, eat something such as a fruit or a yogurt. This way, you will not feel like eating too much, but rather taste with moderation. An empty stomach would only determine you to overeat due to the excess of food placed at the guests’ disposal for such a special occasion.

Don’t eat just to please someone

Emotional blackmail is one of the main reasons for overeating, such as a host that might feel offended when the guests barely touch the delicious treats on the table. You always do it and after you promise to yourself never to do it again, but every time you fail keeping your promise. What you should do is to refuse politely any culinary excess and eat just how much you want not taking into consideration all the supplications around you.

Get rid of any temptation

Avoid by all means all temptations that might make you overeat. Go for a walk on a sunny day and don’t take with you any food, just a bottle of water or juice. When you work to the computer, don’t spread all kind of snacks on the desk. If you are at work and you want a snack, always try to keep healthy snacks in your desk draw. Choose great foods such as dried fruits or nuts. At home, avoid keeping biscuits, crackers or processed snacks and place instead fruits and vegetables, low fat milk and yogurt.

Maximum 5 meals a day

Sometimes you might feel like eating something just because you lack any activity and you are bored. You just need maximum 5 meals daily, 3 main meals and 2 snacks. Establish a priority list and try to respect this schedule. If you have too much spare time, search different ways to spend it. Go to the gym or find hobbies in order to keep you busy.

Stop when you feel full

Well, the idea of “being full” is rather relative as it varies from one person to another. Nevertheless, try to stop eating when you start feeling that you have already satisfied your physical hunger. We all know that eating is enjoyable, but don’t deceive yourself with the fact that you just want to taste a bit. Stop even if you feel like eating everything on the table. Studies have shown that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to receive the message that you are full. So, meanwhile you can eat a lot of unnecessary calories.

Control your emotions

Experts say that 75% of overeating cases are caused by emotional problems. Many persons eat due to emotions, stress, depression, frustration or several daily problems. Therefore, overeat becomes a tasty refuge and a handy treatment for them. And from here to eating disorders and obesity is only one small step. You should identify the problem and bring healthy alternatives such as reading a book, listening your favorite music, walking, taking a relaxing bath or simply talking to a friend.