Are you getting worried already about keeping your figure with all the temptations of the winter holidays? We’ve got the best tricks to help you not to pig-out at parties, festivities and dinners you can’t miss.

The main idea would be ‘less is more’ without giving up the delicious goodies. The first and best trick would be to eat something before going out. Showing up hungry means you’ll have little control when surrounded by high-calorie fare.

So with half an hour before leaving, eat some food that are rich in proteins, like yogurt or a boiled egg. If you are going from the office, eat some hazel nuts, almond, or pistachios for example. This way you can avoid wolfing down everything that gets in your way! Drink as much water as you can. You know you should drink lots of water for general health reasons but it also helps flushing out fat by keeping your bodily functions working effectively.

Tips on How to Not to Pig Out During Holidays

Often when we feel hungry, in reality we’re just thirsty. Approach the buffet wisely. Downsize your portions and take a smaller plate. Check out your options before starting filling your plate with everything you can grab. Enjoy every forkful of food and eat slowly. It takes about 20 minutes to your mind to register the feeling of satiety.

If alcoholic beverages will be part of your meal, alternate them with something non-alcoholic. This will not only cut down calories, but prevent the possibility of the next morning’s headache. Try to choose wine or champagne over hard drinks. These contain only 70-80 calories per glass, while strong shots hide much more calories. Move as much as you can. The French, after taking dinner, often walk instead of taking a taxi, while other nationalities can’t wait to get in the first cab. A short walk puts your metabolism to work, so you’ll burn more calories.

Tips on How to Not to Pig Out During Holidays

Remember to focus on keeping your weight, not on losing it – this can be also challenging for most of us in this time of the year!

Enjoy your holidays! Spending time with your friends and family is much more important than focusing on your weight – just don’t be hard on yourself if you still can’t manage not to pig-out. Don’t deprive yourself the next day to compensate – you can still pay it off gradually with exercise and healthy eating.

Happy Holidays everyone!