Keeping your weight under control during winter time might seem difficult because you’ll get to taste your mother’s famous recipes. And, sometimes, these delicious treats are not your silhouette’s best friends. This being said, you should pay extra attention to what you eat if you want to keep pounds under control.

Low Calorie Desserts

One of the greatest ways to survive the holidays without gaining weight is to eat low calorie desserts. This winter you should focus on eating more fruits if you want to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients your body needs to stay energized all day long. Furthermore, you should also include jello, ginger snaps and pudding on your holiday diet. They are both low in calories and tasty!

Ginger Snaps For Christmas

Small Portions

If you want to know how to avoid gaining weight during the holidays, you should focus on eating small food portions during every meal. This is a great way to enjoy your favorite dishes and, at the same time, control your weight. Plus, when dinner time approaches, don’t hesitate to prepare steamed vegetables and serve them with lean meat, such as chicken or turkey. You’ll definitely enjoy this excellent combination that will keep extra weight away!

Stay Away from Sauces

One of the greatest ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays is to stay away from sauces. For example, if you want to prepare a salad, you should avoid those sauces made from cream. Instead, you should add vinaigrette, low fat dressings and vegetable-based sauces to your healthy diet program. You can even prepare a delicious guacamole sauce to serve with tortilla chips for a cozy reunion with your friends.

Christmas Menu

Learn to Say No Politely

Imagine you’ve spent an entire day visiting your relatives for Christmas. And each of them set the table and served a lot of traditional dishes. Does this scenario sound familiar? If your answer’s ‘yes’ and you want to spend these holidays without gaining weight, you should learn to say ‘no’ politely. This way, you’ll no longer feel forced to eat although you’re not hungry anymore. Plus, you can start with ‘Everything tasted divinely, however, I’ve had enough’. Your host will appreciate your honesty and won’t insist.

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