Exercise and eating healthy foods are the best recipe for long term weight gain, but if you’d rather take a baby steps approach to a healthier lifestyle, you can still try plenty of ways to lose weight. If you can only muster enough will power

Discover how to lose weight without exercise or strict dieting, by making a few tweaks to the way you eat and even trying out some novel solutions, without any health risks or unpleasant side-effects.

Dietary Substitutions

If your biggest issue when you’re dieting is hunger, losing weight might be as simple as replacing certain foods. The most filling options are foods with plenty of fiber and water, so snacking of fruits and vegetables (with a low calorie dip) might be the right choice for you. A healthy diet should also include whole grains, beans, lean protein and low-fat dairy. Soups and salads might not be as delicious as deep-fried treats, but you can eat more of them and feel less hunger and frustration than with a well structured diet that has restrictive portion control.

Scheduled Meals and Snacks

Help your metabolism run smoothly eating regularly. If you’re wondering how to lose weight without exercise or strict dieting, keeping to a clear schedule always helps. The best way to fight hunger pangs is to space out your 3 meals and up to 3 snacks evenly throughout the day.

No Diet Weight Loss Tips

Skipping breakfast is always a bad idea and even delaying it can hurt you. Multiple studies have shown that eating a good breakfast in the first hour after waking up keeps you filled for longer. Eggs are the ultimate breakfast food, since they provide the energy you need to be active and avoid low blood sugar. Avoid cereal with added sugar, since they’ll give you more energy, but for a much shorter amount of time, followed by cravings.

Staying Hydrated

A glass of water can be filling and staying hydrated helps your body run more smoothly and burn more fat. Drink water and unsweetened beverages every time you feel hungry and you’ll end up eating a lot less while staying healthier.

Stress Management

A big part of staying slim is knowing that sometimes hunger is actually just stress. Some people condition themselves to eat when they’re feeling under pressure, and raising the blood sugar level can help temporarily. Unfortunately, more than one hormone associated with stress also has an impact on your metabolism’s rate, increasing fat deposits.

Stay clear of junk food or sugary sodas when you’re feeling stressed and learn how to relax without eating or drinking something that’s bad for you in the lost term. Meditation can help a lot, but you can simply take short breaks to focus on your state of mind when you feel you’re about to binge because of stress. Aromatherapy also helps, so if you like candles and essential oils, you’ll be happy to know that some of them can actually play a big part in weight loss.

Aromatherapy and Massage

A new study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine shows the enormous impact that smells can have on your mood. Japanese researchers at the Niigata University School of Medicine have found that certain smells help the body fight fat naturally. Lemon and grapefruit scents are the most powerful and their impact has been scientifically proven by the Japanese research team. Next time you buy candles or essential oils, go for these citrus fruit scents that can help you lose weight. Other oils that can help you relax and have a big impact on impulse control and relaxation include bergamot, peppermint, ylang ylang, and lavender.

Destress For Weight Loss

Massage can help stimulate circulation, but the oils you use are very important as well, especially when you’re looking for ways to lose weight without exercise or strict dieting. According to a study which took place at the Department of Nursing at the Wonkwang Health Science College (South Korea), lemon and grapefruit essential oils work best in combination with cypress oil. 

Regular massaging of the abdomen in post-menopausal women has showed significant results over 6 weeks, in contrast with a control group of women who used grapeseed oil. Mix these essential oils (5 drops of each) with sweet almond oil and you’ll get (2 ounces) the perfect fat-burning massage oil.

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