Leading a healthy life that helps you stay in shape shouldn't be a short term process, but a lifelong one. If you're willing to give it a try, check out these great tips on eating healthy, losing weight and keeping the unwanted pounds at a safe distance!

How to Keep Weight Off After Dieting: The Scale Rule

If you want to find out how to keep weight off after dieting, you should start by checking your weight two times a week. According to the US National Weight Control Registry, stepping on the scale on a regular basis is the key of successful slimmers. This way you'll know exactly where you stand and what things you should improve in order to reach the desired amount of pounds. And once you accomplish your objective, you'll feel even more motivated to stay fit.

The Scale Rule

Tips on Eating Healthy and Losing Weight: Long Term Commitment

One of the most important tips on eating healthy and losing weight is to think of this journey as a long term commitment you're having with yourself. If you've set a certain weight in mind and want to keep it for a longer time, you should know that this can't be achieved by a quick-fix diet. This will ultimately provide you with short term results and you might end up gaining extra pounds.

Instead, if you're ready to make permanent changes to your lifestyle, you'll be able to maintain the ideal weight and you'll no longer feel the need to make any culinary excess.

Great Way to Keep Weight Off After Diet: Find a Good Motivation

Finding a good motivation is a great way to keep weight off after diet. Sometimes, setting a short term goal such as fitting into your favorite bikini by summer, is not enough. You'll need to think about something that really keeps you on the right track. For example, family can be a great reason that will keep temptations away.

Are you asking yourselves why? It's probably because you want to stay healthy for your loved ones and you want to make them proud. So, every time you'll feel the need to taste a delicious cupcake or tart, you'll gracefully pass.

Food Journal

Good Tip on Eating Healthy and Losing Weight: Keep a Food Journal

Do you plan to learn how to keep weight off after dieting? You can start your new quest by keeping a food journal. Buy a notepad and start writing what you eat and drink on a daily basis. This way, you'll keep track of every pound and inch lost throughout this journey and you'll feel motivated to continue the slimming process.

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