Learn how to eat less food and feel full, so that you can feel and look absolutely fabulous. Every now and then, you might find it hard to stay away from those delicious sweet treats that surround you, however, there are a couple of tips that you should bear in mind if you want to lose weight easy.

Tips for Eating Less: High Water Content Foods

Opting for foods that have a high water content is certainly one of the best tips for eating less. The best thing about water is that it doesn’t have calories, nevertheless, it takes a lot of space in your stomach. Thus, it will make you feel full. Moreover, studies have revealed that people who drank two glasses of water before their meals got full sooner. That being said, they ate less calories than usual and easily lost weight.

Eating An Apple

Specialists recommend applying the same strategy to the foods you eat. You should go for those that have a higher water content, such as grapes. Just eat a bowlful of grapes and you’ll enjoy a greater degree of satiation. Furthermore, lettuce, tomatoes or cucumbers also have a greater water content, so it would be best to start your meals with a bowl of soup or a salad. This way, you’ll most likely consume less calories overall.

Last but not least, you shouldn’t forget about snacks, as you’ll probably feel hungry between meals. Should that be the case, specialists recommend eating whole fruits, such as apples, pears or bananas.

How to Eat Less and Stay Full: Consume More Fiber

If you want to know how to eat less and stay full, then you may want to take fiber into account, as it adds volume to the foods you eat, just like water. Moreover, fiber helps slow digestion down, so you’ll feel full for a longer amount of time. Plus, this essential element will stimulate the release of cholecystokinin, a hormone that transmits the satiation feeling to the brain.

Taking all the above into consideration, you should include bran, whole grains, dried beans and vegetables to your daily diet. These products have a higher fiber content which will keep your body energized all day long.

Best Ways to Eat Less: Don’t Rush

Eating Salad Slowly

Taking your time to chew on what you’re consuming is one of the best ways to eat less. Sometimes you tend to hurry, especially if, for instance, you have an important business meeting to attend. Instead of gulping down food, it would be best to take one bite at a time. Enjoy smaller bites and chew them thoroughly. Also, make sure you finish your bite before moving on to another. This good tip will help you eat less food than usual and stay full.

Great Tip for Eating Less: Increase Protein Intake

Take a look at another great tip for eating less. You should know that protein is very satiating, so you should replace some of the carbohydrates you consume with it. Why is that? It’s because carbohydrates are transformed into glucose faster than proteins. Moreover, according to different studies, the subjects that ate fewer carbs and increased their protein intake weren’t as hungry as the ones that consumed more carbohydrates. Plus, protein will also trigger the production of PYY hormone in the brain, the one that sends out the signal of satiety.

Good Way to Eat Less: Switch Hands

Switching hands can be another good way to eat less. So, if you’re a right-handed person, you should put the spoon or fork in your left hand. At first, you might find it difficult to coordinate, nonetheless, this change will distract you from your autopilot eating mode. The latter might imply finishing your meal in just a few minutes, thus taking big bites. Instead, if you switch hands, you’ll get to eat less while feeling full.

Nice Trick to Eat Less and Feel Full: Just Focus on Eating

Here’s another nice trick to eat less and feel full. Although it might seem hard not eating your meal in front of the TV, you should take this as a challenge. Just focus on eating your food, without dealing with any distractions.

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