Food cravings are an intense psychological desire for food that can arise from the lack of nutrients in our body. Food cravings exist and should not be ignored. Here are some healthy choices that might compensate your cravings:

If you crave for sweets or chocolate your body needs magnesium. Sweets have a high amount of magnesium but if you eat too much sweets you can fall to the other side – in a state of apathy.

A healthy alternative for sweet cravings are peanuts, raw seeds and cereals.

If you crave for pasta, bread and potatoes your body probably needs protein. If you have a high metabolism then your body needs to burn calories permanently so it is indicated to consume protein rich foods that take longer to digest.

A healthy alternative is beef, chicken, fish and eggs.

If you are craving for fast food your body needs salt.

Physical activities and stress can cause your body to lose salt due to the effort made. Fast food is an instant way of getting it but the caloric intake will be high.

Try instead a healthier alternative like eating sushi, salmon, sardines or sea food.

If you are craving for coffee, energy drinks or black tea, your body has an iron deficit. Caffeine helps our body feel refreshed and less tired.

You feel tired when your body has an iron deficit because iron helps distribute oxygen throughout the body.

A healthy alternative to supplying our body with iron are broccoli, apricots and dried figs.

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