Getting a healthy breakfast is very important – so here are some healthy portable breakfast ideas that will provide your body with energy, will boost your metabolism and help your brain function to the max.

Whole grains, eggs, fruits, vegetables and nuts increase concentration and performance so opt for healthy portable breakfast that are both eco- and figure-friendly and are great replacements for fast food.

Make your own fresh juice and store it in the fridge for up to two days. That way you have your organic natural juice ready to go.

Eat low fat yogurt and top it with organic fruits, nuts, cereal or seeds to make it taste better.

Prepare a fruit salad, store it in a plastic sealed container and eat it with a whole grain bar.

Make some scrambled eggs and place them between 2 pieces of bread.

Pack some whole grain cereal into a container and pour some milk into a bottle and you can carry your breakfast with you anywhere.

Pack some organic vegetables, low fat cheese and a couple of boiled eggs. This is a yummy breakfast.

Toasted whole grain waffles with fresh organic berries and a low fat yogurt is a great treat.

Whole grain toast with peanut butter and an organic fruit.

Spread cream cheese on a wheat tortilla and role it so the cream cheese stays in. Eat the tortilla along with an organic apple.

Eat healthy so your body can feel good and function properly at it’s full capacity.