It might sound soothing that there are various ingredients that can be consumed during a healthy diet without any limitation to portions. However not all that glitters is gold since throughout the decades some of the main must have diet foods turned into real enemies that could sabotage our healthy lifestyle. Those who are flirting with the idea of engaging into a weight loss plan might find it extremely useful to find out more on the basic foods that make us weigh more. These elements once considered super-healthy contain secret nutritive and also harmful free agents that are incompatible with a healthy physical and mental condition.

Consequently dietitians came up with a detailed list on the top pound-gain stimulators that should be eliminated or at least neglected when planing to lose weight healthy. Polish your silhouette as well as your health by adapting to the latest inventions and recommendations in the domain of diets to achieve your goals. These are some of the most popular healthy foods that make you fat.

Cereals: One of the most sough-after breakfast ideas are the various delicious and nutrient cereals. However besides taming the morning craves it can also contribute to putting on more weight as a direct result of regular consumption.

Moreover cereal bars that contain a high amount of sugar can also sabotage your balanced diet and offer you not only the impression of satiety but also the visible signs of weight gain.

Reduce the daily cereal intake to minimum and make sure you read the labels for the proper sugar content. Though the local store shelves are flooded with similar delicatessen it’s time to resist the temptation and eat them only in case you are on the road and have no healthy options to stuff your belly with.

Nuts: The majority of fad diets encourages the consumption of nuts as the main ingredient that can help us get rid of toxins. Despite its nutritive value this type of seed contains a huge amount of calories, that is a ‘no-go’ especially in a calorie-restricted diet.

Due to the increased content of monounsaturated fats it can boost the process of getting fat. In order to satisfy your carves if you are really ‘nuts’ about nuts include this ingredient in your daily diet in a moderate proportion. Also be careful with other products that are rich in nuts as the almond butter and also the delicious and oh-so-popular peanut butter.

Fruit Juice: Juices should occupy a prominent role in our diet. In spite of their delicious taste as well as vitamin content these should be also reduced in amount when following a weight loss diet. Labels will offer you a deep insight into the composition of juices you purchase in the local store.

In the majority of cases these products have a maximum of 5% natural ingredients, the rest is made up of additives and sugar. In order to benefit of the healthy effect of juices always prepare your own organic beverage that would contain only the pure juice of oranges, lemon, pineapple or any other fruit. Skip the sugar and drink it raw without other ingredients.

White Rice: Though the oriental cuisine is undoubtedly healthy it is also highly recommended to avoid white rice and swap it for its brown counterpart in order to preserve our worth-admiring silhouette.

The lack of fiber and implicitly healthy nutrients will only create the illusion of satiety without offering any energy source to our organism. Instead it is advisable to prepare dishes using brown rice since it contains less calories and will provide your with the proper amount of fibers and would also boost your weight loss.

Fruit-Flavored Yogurt: Some would use this ingredient as the best remedy to tame their appetite. Indeed it will offer enough calories to boost our energy, however in most of the cases it can launch a series of munching session which can lead to overeating. In most of the cases fruit-flavored yogurt will furnish us with a few tiny pieces with fruit and a lot of sugar.

In order to reduce the calorie intake it’s more wise to consume nonfat yogurt without any fruit pieces. This will allow us to add the fruits we are fond of as well as as many vitamins as we wish. This will prove to be both a healthier and more nutritive alternative.