Portion control and counting calories are two things that make a diet become a real challenge. How many times did you walk away from the table after a savory meal and still felt hungry? Studies have shown that refined carbohydrates and foods with high sugar and fat content are not just addictive, but they also make you feel hungrier. Still, there are also foods that have the opposite effect like those rich in fiber, protein and vegetables. Besides, even water helps you stay satisfied longer.


Start off your day with a bowl of delicious cooked oatmeal. Oatmeal and oat bran are important sources of dietary fiber which makes this a superfood as it lowers blood cholesterol, keeping bowel movements regular and controlling weight. Moreover, oats contain protein, essential fatty acids, aminoacids, but also folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid, zinc, iron, magnesium, and vitamin E. Make yourself a healthy, filling breakfast mixing oatmeal, skim milk or yogurt and some fresh blueberries and you’ll feel full for hours.


A healthy breakfast is indeed a good way to start your day as it can reduce hunger all day long. It has been found that people who ate eggs for breakfast tend to have fewer calories at lunch and eat less for the next 36 hours. Eggs represent a great source of complete protein and amino acids, helping to lose and control weight. On the contrary, muffins or sweetened cereals will make you feel hungrier. Moreover, eggs are extremely nutritious and low in calories.


In the superfoods category we can find avocado, a healthy, satisfying fruit that contains 25 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, copper, magnesium, iron, phosporus, potassium, fiber, protein and different phytochemicals that protect the body against diseases. Due to its high fat content, avocado gives a quicker feeling of fullness and therefore avoids unnecessary snacking or overeating.


Apples are amazing not just for their fiber content that helps you in your control management, but also for their plethora of health benefits. Studies show that people who ate one apple before every meal lost 40% more weight than those who didn’t. Apples are also low in calories – 80 calories – and have a high water content, which makes them so filling. Moreover, the pectin found in apples acts as an antioxidant against the damage cholesterol causes in the blood.

Nuts and beans

Nuts are a smart choice when it comes to healthy snacking as they keep you full between the main meals due to their high fiber content. Walnuts, almonds and pistachios are tasty filler-uppers for losing or controlling weight. However, since nuts are rich in calories, you should consume them with moderation. In the same section we find beans, which are rich in fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates, and give a feeling of satiety for longer.

Healthy Foods that Keep You Full

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