If you’re not convinced you can easily curb sweet cravings, just read this article and you will find out some great ideas of healthy snacks for a sweet tooth.

Healthy Sweet Snacks


When you are craving for something sweet, but you are trying to avoid gaining weight, yogurt is the answer. It takes an important role among diet sweets. Yogurt comes in different varieties and flavors but it’s best to stick with the plain one. For those of you that got bored of regular yogurt, we have a solution: just add some fresh fruit and it will taste delicious.

Trail Mix

Trail Mix

This is also a healthy way to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your need for something crunchy. You can make your own trail mix and enjoy a great boost of energy. Grab it if you are on the go and enjoy this healthy snack at work or in traffic.

Hot Cocoa

You can easily switch the regular junk food with this healthy sweet. You should admit that drinking something chocolaty and warm will just make you feel amazing, especially during these cold fall days. You can prepare hot cocoa with skim milk or low fat milk, and if you want to add an exquisite taste to your sweet break, just add some low fat whipped cream to top it off.


Pudding is just another way to satisfy your craving for unhealthy sweets. You can choose among different and tasty flavors, from chocolate to vanilla, or perhaps you are more into fruity tastes, such as strawberry, blueberry or peach. All you have to do is to pick your favorite and whip it up with some skim milk. You can enjoy a ½ cup without feeling guilty at all.

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

This is another way to make fruit look more appealing because it will offer you an interesting mix of tastes and textures that you will adore. You can add some sugar free vanilla pudding and kiwi, cherries or raspberries. You won’t regret doing so!

Fresh Fruit

Let’s stick to simple things. There is nothing better than a fresh fruit snack. Take a break and enjoy a tasty apple, some flavored strawberries or fall’s star fruit: grapes. Fruits will provide you with the necessary natural sugar to fill your desire and they will help you add fiber and the necessary nutrients.

Yogurt Parfait

You can simply create a fast and healthy snack by topping up 1 cup of Greek yogurt (it can either be plain or vanilla) with nuts, fruit or even granola. Define your dessert with some chocolate chips.

Cinnamon Toast

All you have to do is to toast a slice of whole grain bread, then add a ½ teaspoon of butter, ¼ teaspoon of sugar and top it up with cinnamon. Voila, you now have the perfect tasty snack.

Chocolate Dipped Fruit

Dark Chocolate And Apple

Instead of devouring an entire chocolate bar, you can try out some fruits dipped in real melted chocolate. So, not only will you get a sweet treat, but also the necessary vitamins and fiber to help you regulate blood sugar levels. If you want a low calorie option, use melon, apples and bananas and dip them into low calorie chocolate syrup.

Dark Chocolate

It is very high in antioxidants and can prevent diabetes, depression or heart disease. If you want to have a healthy diet, you should also include a square or two of dark chocolate daily in your sweet treats menu.


Fruit sauces such as applesauce or pear sauce are sweet and high in vitamins treats. They also have high levels of dietary soluble fiber that help regulate your blood sugar levels. You won’t regret trying them out!

Frozen Yogurt

This is the perfect substitute for ice cream. It provides you with calcium and protein and it tastes heavenly. If you want to prepare some dessert for your family, you can easily substitute ice cream with frozen yogurt.

Fruit and Yogurt Popsicles

They are very fun and easy to do. You should blend your favorite fruits and then freeze them in a popsicle mold. If you don’t have one, you can fill paper cups halfway with your fruit mixture and then add wooden craft sticks before you freeze. Both you and your children will adore them!

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