Snacks that are high in sugar and sodium will only make you crave more. If you’d like to munch on something without feeling guilty, there are plenty of options that you really can’t overeat.

Discover a few healthy snacks you can eat all day, because they’re not packed with calories, but they do provide plenty of flavor. From popcorn and kale chips to sliced veggies and seaweed snacks, check out the right treats that will fill you up without a ridiculous amount of calories.

1. Popcorn

As long as you make your own, and avoid flavored and buttered popcorn, you can indulge on this filling snack all day long. You’ll only get about 100 calories from over 3 cups of popcorn, and you can always flavor it naturally yourself. Add a touch of sea salt, chili powder, paprika or even cinnamon for a low calorie snacks that also has plenty of fiber that will keep you feeling full and curb other cravings.

2. Kale Chips

Forget about store-bought kale chips and make your own low calorie. If you bake them yourself, kale chips are definitely one of the healthy snacks you can eat all day. Add a bit of olive oil and sea salt, and you’ll end up with a delicious snack that’s under 35 calories per cup. Store-bought varieties can have up to 5 times more calories.

3. Blueberries

Packed with antioxidants, blueberries are another snack that you can’t really eat too much of. Go organic in order to get the nutritional benefits without any chemicals. With around 85 calories, a cup of blueberries is a great snack, and you can also freeze them for a delicious icy treat. However, you might want to keep your blueberry portions in check, since they can stain your teeth.

4. Olives

Get a healthy dose of monounsaturated fats with one of the healthy snacks you can eat all day. Whether you prefer black or green olives, these delicious fruits only pack around 4-5 calories for a medium one. The only danger you face when you’re eating too many olives is getting too much salt, so opt for low-sodium olives or rinse and drain them to lose some of it.

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5. Pickled Cucumbers

If you love dill pickles, make your own in order to create the healthiest version. While store-bought pickles often have a lot of added sugar and sodium, you can make your own with just cucumbers and rise vinegar. With just 16 calories per cup of sliced cucumbers and a single calorie in each teaspoon of rice vinegar, this is definitely a treat that won’t cause a dent in your weight loss plan.

6. Sliced Bell Peppers

Whether they’re red, green or yellow, bell peppers are one of the healthy snacks you can eat all day. Each one only has around 30 calories and they can be a much better alternative to carrot sticks. While munching on raw carrots all day can lead to an excess of vitamin A, bell peppers have similar carotenoids, but you’re unlikely to ever eat a dangerous amount.

7. Marinated Artichoke Hearts

If you love artichoke hearts, you can make them your go to snack. You’ll only get 100 calories or less for every 6 ounces. Artichoke hearts pack a lot of antioxidants and vitamins, but they can get too salty to be a healthy snack. That’s why it’s important to rinse and drain them to get rid of some of the extra sodium.

8. Grapefruit

With just 50 calories per half of a medium grapefruit, this is definitely one of the healthy snacks you can eat all day. It’s not just a great weight loss food, but it can also help curb cravings. You can sweeten it with a little stevia or go the opposite way and add a touch of sea salt for a little kick.

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9. Greens

Celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini are other low calorie options for snacks. You can get a bit more flavors by adding just a little olive oil, but don’t drown them in it. Even though olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, it still amounts to plenty of calories if you use it freely.

10. Seaweed Snacks

Dried nori maintains plenty of its nutritional benefits, you should definitely consider it one of the healthy snacks you can eat all day. Many seaweed snacks are gluten free, vegan, and only include a little sea salt and oil. Avoid the artificially flavored varieties with extra sodium.