White tea has been consumed by the Chinese for centuries, ever since the Ming Dynasty and has been recently introduced to people outside Asia.

White tea is made from unprocessed and selected tea leafs. The name of the white tea comes from the coloration of the silver buds which turn white when they are dried. The leafs are steamed and dried so all the flavor and nutrients are kept intact.

The tea has a light and delicate taste with a slightly sweet flavor. Silver Needle is made entirely out of these immature unopened buds that is why it is considered to be the highest quality tea.

white tea

White tea has a number of health benefits so it’s becoming very popular among tea lovers. Studies conducted have shown that white tea can help improve our body’s immune system so we are less prone to virus and bacterial infections. It contains a high dose of antioxidants which have an anti-aging effect.

It helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol by improving functions of the arteries and prevents them from blocking. Helps in lowering cholesterol levels and protects against heart attacks. White tea increases bone density so it reduces the chances of developing osteoporosis and arthritis.

Fluoride is also an ingredient found in white tea so teeth are kept stronger and healthier. Since white tea acts as an antibacterial substance bacteria in our mouth is killed so it is less likely to develop cavities, plaque and bad breath.

It is great for people who suffer from diabetes because it helps reduce the blood sugar levels. The health benefits of white tea are numerous, so there is no reason you shouldn’t try it.