Winter holidays are the perfect time to gather your loved ones around the festive table and spend quality time together. It might also be the time when you’re tempted to eat more, due to those delicious, mouth-watering traditional dishes. And this can lead to weigh gain. No worries though, as these effective tips will show you how to avoid gaining weight over the holidays.

Prevent Weight Gain During Winter Holidays: Stay Active

Do you want to prevent weight gain during the holidays? Specialists say that there’s nothing better than staying active. And with Christmas just around the corner, you’ll be a very busy bee doing all the cleaning and helping out preparing traditional dishes. You should, however, continue your workout routine and go to the gym on a regular basis. If hitting the gym isn’t exactly your thing or you simply don’t find the time to work out there, but you still want to prevent weight gain during the holidays, you should start by taking 10-minute walks before dinner. You’ll feel excellent afterwards.

How to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays: No Excess Drinking

Holiday Cocktail

If you want to avoid weight gain during the holidays, you should stay away from excess drinking. Of course, while you’re attending parties this winter, you can enjoy a glass of wine or perhaps a cocktail, however, specialists suggest to limit your consumption to one or two alcoholic drinks per party. Moreover, they recommend spending the rest of the party walking around with a full glass of club soda. This way, you’ll keep your hands busy so that you don’t feel the need to have another drink.

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Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays: Say ‘No’ Politely

Take a look at one of the best tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays! Just say “No” to food once you’ve had enough. If you don’t want to add extra pounds this winter, you should learn to refuse your host politely. It might seem hard at first, as you probably don’t want to hurt their feelings, however, willpower is very important when it comes to weight gain prevention. You can start your speech with ‘I’d love to have more of that delicious tart, but I’m full right now’. Your host will understand and you’ll stick to your goal!

Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays: Be Selective with Desserts

Another great way to avoid gaining weight during the holidays is to be selective with the desserts you’re planning to eat. Nutritionists recommend limiting yourself to small portions. This way, you can both get to satisfy your sweet tooth and you’ll also keep your weight under control.

Holiday Sweet Treat

How to Prevent Weight Gain During Holidays: Increase Potassium Intake

So, how to prevent weight gain during the winter holidays? There are several answers to this question, nevertheless, here’s a tip that proved to be very effective! Turn towards potassium rich foods as they’re great in counterbalancing sodium. If you’re wondering why is this a good thing, you should know that potassium makes you retain less water. This being said, you should definitely increase your regular potassium intake. Start eating more bananas, kiwis, papayas or cantaloupe, excellent nutritive foods.

Great Way to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Get Support

Getting the necessary support from someone close to you is also a great way to avoid gaining weight during the holidays. For example, your girlfriend can keep you motivated and she can help you avoid yielding to the temptation of all those delicious holiday treats. Plus, you can return her the favor, so you’ll get to support each other and you’ll enjoy Christmas without making culinary excesses.

Tip to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays: Bring Your Own Snacks

Here’s another great tip to avoid gaining weight during the holidays! When you’re invited to a party at your friend’s house, you should bring your own low calorie snacks. This is the perfect way to stay focused on your objective and avoid being tempted to munch on unhealthy foods. So, if you feel the need to grab that delicious cupcake, you may want to enjoy an apple or a kiwi instead!

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