Contrary to what most of us tend to belief, a good hair day doesn’t always depend on the weather or on the styling products we use. In fact the way our hair looks depends on the foods that we eat more than we could ever imagine. The fact is that unless we learn to nourish our hair from the inside, the hair products we use to care for our hair will have modest effects at best.

Truth to be told no hair care product can provide the nutrients necessary for hair growth and even if it would be possible to get all the necessary nutrients from hair care products the absorption of these nutrients would always be superior when the nutrients are acquired from natural food sources.

While all foods contain essential nutrients for the health of our hair, certain elements are found in greater quantities in some foods compared to others, making these foods more beneficial than others with similar properties. However it should be mentioned that a diversified diet is the best way to make sure that our beauty is enhanced naturally as it is virtually impossible to isolate only a few key vitamins and nutrients that can cover all your body’s needs simultaneously.

Whether you want a stronger and healthier hair or you aim to combat thinning hair and prevent hair loss the following foods will definitely offer a great deal of help.

Brown rice

An indispensable staple for those religiously follow the macrobiotic diet as well for those who love Asian cuisine brown rice is no only offers a quick sense of satiety but can also influence the way your locks look. Rich in fiber and especially rich in vitamin B, vitamin E and packed with high quality protein brown rice can fortify the hair cuticle making it more resistant to the harmful external agents that affect your hair on a daily basis. Some studies have shown that due to the amazing combination of nutrients, brown rice can turn out to be a natural remedy that can promote faster hair growth.


Aside from the Omega 3 fatty acids that are vital for synthesizing the fat soluble vitamins your hair needs, salmon contains another priceless nutrient for your hair: zinc. The benefits of zinc apply to a wide variety of hair problems such as dandruff, hair loss or hair thinning. Zinc can also be found naturally in food sources such as: soy products, nuts, egg yolks, yeast or pumpkin seeds but the zinc absorption is different compared to salmon. Wild salmon is a superior choice when it comes to the health of our hair due to the fact that the zinc contained in meat sources is absorbed in a higher percentage compared to the zinc contained in non meat sources.

Leafy vegetables

If eating vegetables for the health benefits they provide doesn’t sound that appealing then maybe the contribution they have to create long luscious curls might make you have second thoughts before dissing them from your menu. Dark leafy vegetables in particular are a a good source of iron a nutrient that has a major role in transporting blood filled with vitamins and nutrients to capillary vessels, stimulating hair growth. Moreover, vitamin C as well as vitamin A found in abundance in green leafy vegetables help regulate sebum protection, increasing the number of the hair follicle at the same time. Make sure to include in your diet plenty foods such as spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage or swiss chard.


An excellent source of protein coming from non food sources, lentils have amazing benefits for our hair. A single cup of lentils is able to provide over 90% of the recommended daily dosage of folic an essential antioxidant which promotes cell renewal encouraging hair growth. A good source of magnesium, which activates the enzymes of the scalp, lentils can help correct the imbalances that could lead to hair loss over time.

Low fat dairy products

Yogurt,milk or low fat cheese should definitely be part of your healthy hair diet. Source of calcium and a superior quality proteins such as casein low fat dairy products are among the best choices you can make if you are interested in having strong,healthy locks. When choosing low fat dairy products keep an eye on the sugar content of the product you are about to purchase. Make sure that the fat was not substituted with sugar to keep the taste intact because otherwise you won’t get the same benefits.

Don’t forget that your locks need moisturizing from and make sure that you drink enough water every day to keep your tresses in the best possible condition. Also make sure that you stay away from crash diets which can negatively affect your tresses and might even lead to hair loss if the diet is particularly drastic.