Winter is also the season of holidays, the perfect time to gather up with your family and serve your mother’s dishes. Unfortunately, sometimes these tasty banquets have an unpleasant result: gaining extra pounds. If you want to avoid this far from amazing situation, learn how to prevent weight gain in winter!

Is Winter Weight Gain Normal?

Here’s a good question you’ve probably asked yourself at least once. And when it comes to finding an answer, you should know that according to recent winter weight gain statistics, people usually add 7-12 extra pounds during the holidays. So, yes, winter weight gain, though unpleasant, is considered to be the norm.

Winter Sport For Weight Loss

Winter Weight Loss: Find a Great Winter Sport

Practicing a sport is one of the easiest ways for winter weight loss. So, why not enjoying snow sports, such as ice skating, snowboarding and skiing? Do you know what’s great about them? You can invite your friends to join you and spend quality time together while also burning calories.

This being said, you should plan a trip to the mountains this winter and take a couple of friends with you. You’ll have a blast and you’ll definitely improve your skiing or skateboarding techniques!

Good Way to Prevent Weight Gain in Winter: Avoid Alcohol

Avoiding alcohol is another good way to prevent weight gain in winter. You should know that it’s filled with calories and, since holidays involve also drinking, you might not realize that you’ve added extra pounds. So, nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of water or diet soda before and after each alcoholic beverage served. Are you wondering why? It’s because water can dilute calories and will help pace you.

Prevent Weight Gain in Winter: Focus on Healthy Alternatives

If you want to prevent weight gain in winter, you should focus on finding healthy alternatives to the foods you come in contact with. During this season, it’s hard to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s why you should start eating more oranges or acorn squash which are excellent nutritive sources that also taste delicious.

Winter Weight Loss Solution: Increase the Zinc Intake

Increasing the zinc intake is a great solution for winter weight loss. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition revealed the fact that low levels of zinc have been associated with poor metabolism, therefore, less calorie burning. So, don’t hesitate to add the following zinc sources to your shopping list: whole grains, nuts, green peas, yogurt, turkey or shrimp. 

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