In order to guarantee the success of your silhouette sculpting project it is highly recommended to take into consideration some of the most efficient and popular weight loss tricks below. These help you embrace a more well-defined eating routine and a healthy lifestyle.

There’s no need to drive yourself into starvation if you have a few useful tricks on portion control and the appropriate selection of your food. These are the recommendations of pro dietitians and trainers to lose weight visibly and in a super-healthy way.

Sitting Order

It might seem surprising, but the following trick can save you from overeating. Numerous dietitians stated that your position at the table can influence portion control. It was demonstrated that those who sit facing the serving spot tend to consume more calories than the ones who sit with their back to the food or on the side of the table. Test this simple and fun trick to see whether it works for you too.

Slice Food

One of the most simple tricks to make sure you pay special attention to portion control is to slice your food into tinier pieces. The smaller bits will create the illusion of a full plate which is essential to trick your mind during a diet.

Moreover, you’ll have the chance to reduce the pace of consuming your meals. The sense of satiety is created by the visual effect your dishes offer.


Those who are fond of this essence will have the chance to suppress their appetite more easily. In order to tame your cravings for sweet and calorie-rich treats all you have to do is wash your teeth after your meals with a tooth paste that has this essence.

Furthermore, you can drink an icy and natural drink with peppermint flavor to pamper your tasting buds with a healthy beverage. Nutritionists claimed that peppermint will help you resist munching for long hours.

Skip The Straw

Some like to sip their drinks through this useful invention. However, it seems that nutritionists advise us to skip it and drink directly from the cup.

Our stomach tends to be loaded with more air if we use a regular straw and it can lead to bloating and other digestive problems. Therefore, stay true to the traditional drinking habits and enjoy your delicious icy drinks all throughout your weight loss project.

Flax Seeds

This natural ingredient is perfect to spare yourself of a huge calorie intake. Sprinkle some flax on your salads, soup or cereals. Popular nutritionists demonstrated the magical effect of these seeds on our organism. These ingredients load the body with omega-3 fatty acids as well as energy. The fiber will create a sense of satiety preventing the process of overeating. Remember how important it is to know the secrets of losing weight in the quickest and most efficient way.

Skip Splitting Your Dessert

Some are fond of sharing their food portion with others. However, it seems that this ritual can sabotage their weight loss plans. It seems that if you decided to split your dessert you can get hungrier. Versatility will increase your appetite and you’ll have one bit from here and there leading to confusion when it comes to portion control. Therefore, stay true to your ideals of sharing your treats with others, still pay special attention on how to reward yourself for this act.

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