Prepare for the ultimate slimming plan by collecting a few of the time-tested weight loss tricks. Use various techniques to sculpt your silhouette and boost your energy level. Ditch out the unhealthy foods, snacks and ingredients to replace them with the most nutritive and vitamin-rich food items.

Refuse to be a couch potato and make an effort for the perfect health and physical condition. Read through the fun weight loss tricks to try below and stick to those that suit your preferences and fat burning objectives.

Creamy Pastas

People who are fond of Italian dishes simply adore the Fettucine alfredo. However, this recipe is loaded with fat which can ruin your diet. Those who wish to pamper their tasting buds with a creamy ‘delice’ can opt for another sauce to top their pasta. The low-fat version would be to blend cottage cheese or low-fat ricotta with skim milk. With this wise food swap you’ll be able to save no less than 600-650 calories.

Take Half Home

In order to make sure you master the art of portion control, pay attention to the following trick. When having a delicious meal at your fave restaurant it is wise to take half of your serving home.

Control your hunger and learn how to cut back on calories without even noticing it. Box the rest of your snack up and consume it the next day.

Sniff Your Hunger Away

There are various foods you can smell to suppress your hunger. As mentioned earlier, peppermint does magic with your senses during your slimming project.

However, you can sniff an apple, cantaloupe and in the case of gents, vanilla too to curb your cravings.

The secret behind this trick is that your brain gets a false signal of satiety. Take this ritual to the next level and buy scented candles you can spread all over the office or living room.

Order Dressing on the Side

You’ve already learned that the dressing should be ordered on the side. However, you can proceed the same way with your salad, croutons, mayonnaise and cheese too. Practice this weight loss trick to make sure you cut back on calories and make the best of your meals.

Clear The Kitchen Counter

Some people tend to store their snacks and food items on the kitchen counter. This habit can sabotage a healthy weight loss plan. Therefore, use this spot only for the preparation of your fave meals and hide the cookie jar. Organize your kitchen and fridge in order to help you control your hunger.

Don’t Clean Your Table

Those who toss away the candy wrappers or clean their plates too often during dinner might not be aware of the amount of food they’ve consumed. Therefore, keep the tiny proofs that can help you stick to a well-defined meal plan. Don’t deceive your eyes to avoid the sense of guilt triggered by overeating.

Fun Weight Loss Tricks

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