What are the summer fruits to keep you hydrated and healthy. Dehydration during summer can lead to many problems, potassium and sodium losses can be extremely dangerous.

That’s why we must know how to balance the lack of these and keep our body healthy and hydrated. Fortunately, summer fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of potassium, vitamins and minerals; The regular consumption of these is highly recommended during the hot season to restore the body’s fluid loss.

The following fruits will keep you hydrated and healthy all through the exhausting and hot summer

Apricots can do miracles for our skin and body, due to their high antioxidant vitamin content. These fruits can complete the potassium loss by being rich in fibers, beta-carotene and vitamin C.

Fruits to keep you healthy in the summer

Include them in your daily meals and you won’t have trouble with headaches and dizziness. Eat them as snacks, treats after a long day or a sweaty workout.

Mangoes can keep you cool during the whole summer. Since you can purchase them in every season eat these fruits to have the ideal fiber and vitamin C intake.< It is a well-known fact that mangoes have twice as much vitamin A than the recommended intake per day. Prepare some delicious fruit salads and enjoy their delicious taste all through the hot season.

Plums are accessible fruits to everyone, so consume them with confidence, more often then during the cold season. The vitamin C content in plums is very high, providing your organism with necessary nutrients.

Plum’s skin contains antioxidants that can help you in keeping your body healthy. Keeping you away from heart disease, cancer and other disorders.

Watermelon is one of the best fruits to keep you hydrated in the summer. Due to its extremely high content of water, it will balance the loss of fluids of the body. It doesn’t contain so much calories that’s why people who keep a diet can also enjoy it. Watermelons are rich in vitamins as A and C essential for our skin, bones and heart.

Berries – all kinds of – whether you like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries, consume them regularly. The fibers and vitamins from these tiny fruits will help you in having energy in these tedious days. It was demonstrated that berries can help you in losing weight. Perfect for snacks between meals.