When most women try to lose some weight, you’re doing the exact opposite: try to gain weight because you have a fast metabolism that burns calories too rapidly. We bet you’re extremely envied amongst your girlfriends because they’d like a metabolism like yours, but in fact they don’t realize that you might be struggling to gain weight and possibly reach the desired number of pounds in a preset amount of time.

Four Suggestions on How to Gain Weight Fast for Women

Best Way to Gain Weight Fast: Add 500 Extra Calories to Your Diet

If you planned on gaining weight fast, then we’d recommend adding 500 extra calories to your regular daily diet. This way, you’ll gain about 0.5 kilograms every week. We also recommend talking to your nutritionist. He will help you determine the ideal weight for your age and height. Plus, he’d also suggest consuming nutritious foods that will provide you with energy and healthy fats. You should know that eating too much junk food will eventually cause health problems, so it’s better to avoid them as much as possible.

Dairy For Weight Gain

Gaining Weight Fast: Increase the Number of Proteins

If you’ve started a workout program, we’d suggest increasing the protein amount you’re consuming. This way, you’ll not only gain extra pounds, you’ll also increase your muscular mass. You’ll feel stronger and toned and the scale will also indicate extra kilos.

The best way to increase the amount of protein in your daily meals would be to start eating more nuts, seeds, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt or fish. You’ll feel amazing afterwards!

Fast Weight Gain: Fruits

We’d recommend starting eating more dense fruits such as bananas, quinces, avocado and grapefruit, and giving up those watery ones such as watermelon or kiwi. You should know that the fruits with the highest amount of calories per piece are the following: avocado (150 calories), bananas (107), grapefruit (100) and apples (95 calories). So, why not eating these healthy and tasty fruits?

Fruit For Weight Gain

How Can I Gain Weight Fast: Increase the Portion Size

Another great way in gaining extra weight fast is adding another course to every meal or increasing the portion sizes for each meal you’re having daily. We recommend skipping the regular snacks. This way, you’ll feel more hungry and you’ll feel the need to eat more. And at the end of the day, increased food portions will bring the desired extra pounds.

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