Various dishes might have a different often unpleasant reaction on our organism. This can lead to real severe accidents that are both unpleasant and super-embarrassing if we are in the company of a beloved person. In order to make the best impression right on the first date make sure you read through the brief list of foods to skip on a date. These ingredients have the tendency to generate bloating as well as unpleasant breath and other symptoms of an inappropriate health condition which should not be the best impact we make on an important person. Dates can be uber-romantic especially when set in restaurants. Moreover some might be eager to prepare their specialties for their partner. In this case it is a must to find out more on the effect of these ingredients on our digestive system. These are the basic clues to keep in mind for future dates to secure the idyllic conditions for romance.


Indeed these rules seem more important for those who are at their first date with a special person and not the ones who enjoy the bliss of a long-term relationship. Cheese is indeed one of the most delicious ingredients used in endless dishes you’ll find on the menu of the restaurant. However it seems that nutritionists won’t advise you to choose diary products in general when it comes of a romantic dinner as it might turn out as a catastrophe. Besides the fact that due to the heavy texture of the cheese you might feel bloated and uncomfortable it can also leave your breath unpleasant. This is a top notch info especially if you plan to crown the night with a goodnight kiss. Instead skip it and make sure you swap it for something less stuffing.


It’s not a surprise that garlic features on our list as it is a well-known date killer ingredient. However often times you might not even know whether the dish you’ve ordered contains this element. Therefore it is important to consult the menu properly and read the ingredient list. Even the smallest amount of garlic can ruin the spotless effect of your breath Moreover it must be mentioned and even worse effect that garlic might have when it comes of odors, namely that the various oils and solutions from it enter the bloodstream and have the power to stay there for no less than 1-2 days. It is also highly recommended to skip garlic even 2 days before the great night in order to avoid any unpleasant reactions.


Pasta is so delicious and what would you eat when vising an Italian restaurant? Indeed the truth is that the various pasta dishes can serve as the best means to ease your choice and enjoy a delicious menu. However not all that glitters is gold as nutritionists claim that pasta servings are pretty messy and increase the chance for you to have a few pieces on your fab dress or pants. Additionally it must be mentioned that these are often served on great plates in extreme portions. This can also lead to overeating if you would be eager to show off your fondness of pasta and the respect for the chef. Moreover the pastas are often served flooded with various sauces this can also cause you stomach trouble if you neglect the amount consumption.

Mashed Potatoes

Meat is delicious with mashed potatoes and serves as one of the most ambrosial dishes when it comes of restaurants. In spite of its delicious taste as well as soft texture mashed potatoes tend to put a severe pressure on our digestion. Indeed bloating is the most extreme symptom that can occur if our digestive system might not be able to handle the break down of this ingredient. However there’s a solution if you are a potato-nut, make sure you order the baked version of these vegetables to enjoy a fabulous meal and feel comfortable in your skin.