Keeping a diet is not as simple as it may look and is pretty difficult to follow it properly. There are endless factors that can influence the final result, like every day stress, crazy schedule and several temptations. When you decide to ‘join the club’, it is important to know the foods that can easily sabotage your diet.

Salad Dressings

It is a well-known fact that many diets promote the consumption of salads. Salads are ‘green’ and healthy – it’s true, but if you add just a tiny amount of dressing, you busted it. As simple as it is, high-fat dressings can ruin your diet, buy rather low-fat or nonfat ones, if you can’t have your salads dressing-free.

Avoid soaking your favorite veggies into creamy and delicious dressings. Instead replace these with vegetable oils and vinegar. These would make your salad very tasty, without sabotaging your diet. If you would like to experiment buy flavored ones. If you really can’t do this, mix the dressing with plain yogurt.

Dried Fruits

Why should you enjoy dried fruits more than raw ones, when it seems that these can also spoil your diet.

Indeed the initial ingredient for these are healthy fruits, however, these treats are high in sugar. You’ll only stuff yourself with them, without benefiting from the necessary amount of vitamins and fibers, as from fresh fruits.

You must not quit eating them, just pay close attention to the portions. Have ¼ cup of them for one meal, this equals a whole serving of healthy, raw food.

Sweetened Cereals

Cereals with a high amount of sugar can cause many troubles especially when following a weight loss diet. They have a small amount of fat still are extremely rich in sugar. The problem is that you get really hungry an hour after snacking them.

You should rather choose oatmeal cereals with berries or honey. These will make you feel better, without causing any remorse for spoiling your diet.


Yogurt is considered an undercover saboteur, since many of us regard it as a real buddy in keeping a diet. It’s true that the majority of these products are very healthy, but not all of them. When buying it, carefully look at the label and see whether it is sweetened with sugar. Choose yogurts that are low in sugar and have more than 3% fat. These will make you feel and look more healthy.