Dieting and exercise are the best way to go for weight loss, but eating the right food combination to lose weight can be a very effective method of making sure your metabolism works the best way. Find out which are the best and worst food combinations for your digestive system and fat burning abilities.

A balanced diet includes plenty of fats and the right way to lose weight is making sure your body is burning it properly and also digesting everything the right way to prevent fatty deposits.

Non-Starchy Vegetables and Protein

Animal protein from meat, fish or eggs is digested by your stomach in an acidic environment while starchy vegetables like potatoes require an alkaline environment.

Non-starchy vegetables are a much better companion to protein than potatoes, pasta, rice or other starchy foods and when everything is digesting properly, your body doesn’t keep a lot of energy stored as fat.

Healthy Fats and Carbs

Digesting carb rich foods is a quick process that spikes the levels of blood sugar temporarily, making you hungry again sooner than for other types of meals.

Add healthy fats to your diet from nuts, avocado or fish to balance the foods that have a high carb content, like rice and pasta for one of the most efficient food combining to lose weight.

Food Combinations to Lose Weight

Protein and Spicy Foods

Capsaicin, the compound found in hot peppers and in other spicy foods, can give your metabolism a strong boost in burning fat. The best way to eat it is with a meal high in protein that makes you feel fuller while also contributing to the fat burning process.

Choose lean protein from skinless chicken, fish or soy and mix it with fat burning super foods.

High Fiber Foods and Water

Drinking a lot of water when eating foods that are high in fibers aids digestion, but it can also contribute to feeling fuller for a longer time, making this one of the best food combinations to lose weight.

Forget fizzy drinks that quench your thirst while spiking up your blood sugar quickly and drink plenty of water when munching on dry whole-grain products.

Food Combinations to Lose Weight

Bad Foods Combinations

Keep away from the starches and protein combo, whether it’s fish and chips or chicken breast with mashed potatoes. Keep the pasta, rice, potatoes, lentils or beans away from the meats and eggs for the best weight loss results.

Eating fruit as a stand alone snack, preferably at least 30 minutes before another meal is another important element in weight loss. Don’t eat fruit as dessert, making it part of combinations with protein, carbs or fat if you want to lose weight faster.