One of the unpleasant situations is when following a low-calorie diet the organism switches to ‘starvation mode’. That’s when the weight loss process suddenly stops and calories just won’t leave our body.

However, nutritionists found a way to fight this issue and invented the calorie shifting diet. Which aims to trick our metabolic function enhancing the shedding of some precious pounds.

Through blundering the daily calorie intake, the organism is kept in a constant suspense. This slight confusion won’t seem natural and this way we sabotage the routine of our metabolism.

Being a simple diet it is adopted by many celebrities, who opt for a quick and visibly efficient weight loss program.

Far from stripping the barriers of a strict diet, calorie shifting doesn’t mean that you can munch sweets and other fat booster ingredients.The greatest advantage of the plan is that it will spare you from the torture of food cravings.

One of the useful tips when starting a similar diet is to note down the calorie intake. Indeed the freedom it offers if not controlled can lead to unfortunate habits. Keep your diet regularly, this is the key to maintain your weight on a normal level.

Diet Choice

The required amount of meals is 4 per day, these will have different amount of calories. The shifting is done not only within days but also meals. This way fastening the burning process. The organism will learn how to adapt to the new regime without ever ceasing to work.

Hydration is very important especially if you start the diet, in the hot season. Drink at least 8-10 glasses if pure water, avoid sodas or other beverages.

This will play an essential role in your weight loss process. For the sake of getting rid of extra pounds it is worth eliminating fizzy drinks and calorie bombs.

It is recommended to follow the diet for only 11 days, for a quick result. Then you are allowed to cheat 3 days, when you can eat all the foods you are mad about.

Repeat the calorie shifting anytime you feel the need to burn some calories and boost your metabolism. More you can combine it with some healthy exercises, still it is not compulsory. It is indeed a versatile diet, you can combine the foods, without having to stick to a certain food group.

That’s why it is also called Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the great fans of this diet, being able to drop some pounds in the blink of an eye.