When it comes to weight loss, some consider starvation and feasting the best solution. Nowadays it is enough to make a few small changes in your nutritional plan to get rid of extra pounds.

Dietitians came up with a versatile list of fat burning diet foods you can consume with confidence during your slimming project. These ingredients are loaded with vitamins, fiber and protein to guarantee the ideal functioning of your metabolism.


Parsnips are high in fiber and can provide you with the necessary energy boost you need for the day. These veggies will help you cut back on calories if you decide to embed them into your meal plan. Parsnips prove to be your best friends when it comes to keeping your blood sugar on the ideal level. Spare yourself from cravings by combining parsnips with mashed potatoes, a delicious stew or eat them with a tiny amount of butter.

Butternut Squash

Add butternut squash to your diet in order to lose weight dramatically. The fiber content of this veggie will secure the perfect functioning of your metabolism and digestive system.

Butternut squash is super-low in calories and contains no fat, therefore it can be consumed with confidence.

This natural ingredient can load your organism with magnesium, calcium and potassium. Put a few slices of butternut squash in the oven to have a fat burning fish to embed into your meal plan. Trout is also super-rich in fatty acids and can help you shed a few stubborn pounds. Pack your organism with protein to control your appetite. Purchase fresh trout or frozen fillets you can combine with rice and mashed potatoes.

Crimini Mushroom

If you’re sick and tired of meat and you want to lose weight dramatically, opt for Crimini mushrooms or baby bellas. These natural ingredients are low in calories and provide your organism with protein and healthy carbs. Prep mushrooms as the perfect side dish with delicious salads and pasta.

Pomegranate Seeds

Lose weight with delicious ingredients as Pomegranate seeds you can add to your fave salads, yogurt or smoothie. These ingredients are low in calories and ultra-high in protein. Due to its ambrosial flavor it can be consumed in combination with healthy snacks.

Fat Burning Die Foods

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