If you are among those numerous people who are feeling tired all the time, then you might want to take into consideration consuming some energizing smoothies. It is a well-known fact that getting anything done can be really difficult when you are in a bad mood and energy deprived. Therefore, as long as there is something that can be done about this, you should necessarily try it, especially since making smoothies is a piece of cake, once you learn how to combine the right ingredients.

Even if getting already-made smoothies seems easier, you have to know that usually the smoothies you find on the market are not really healthy for your body, as they are high in sugar, food coloring and other additives. This is why you should try and prepare your own at home, by using just a blender and some smoothie recipes. This is how you can control what you put in your body and can never fail. In addition, by making your own smoothies, you can also save a lot of money, besides satisfying your sweet tooth. Plus, if you decide to prepare your own smoothies, these can be drank by your entire family, as they can be healthier than what children usually like to drink.

Energizing Smoothie Recipes

One of the tastiest smoothies that you can try making at home is called Green Pome-Berry Smoothie. For this, all you need is one banana, one cup of frozen blueberries, half a cup of pomegranate juice and half a cup of hemp, almond, soy or rice milk, two cups of spinach, four chucks of pineapple and one tablespoon of soaked flaxseed. To make the smoothie, you just have to mix all of the ingredients together with the help of the blender, pour the result into a glass and enjoy its heavenly taste.

If you love the color green, then you will surely love the Green Machine Smoothie, as well. In order to prepare it you need one kiwi, three kale leaves, one avocado, one tablespoon of super green powder or of spirulina and two tablespoons of flaxseed oil, a quarter of a freshly peeled ginger, plus ice and water.

Among the smoothies that boost energy there is also the Get Up and Go Smoothie which is a little bit more difficult to do, but incredibly tasty nonetheless. For it, you need one third of a ripe avocado, plus one fourth of a cup filled with any kind of seeds, such as pumpkin or walnut seeds. These two ingredients must be put in the blender and covered with milk. This can also be of any kind you want, like coconut, vanilla, soy, rice, almond, and so on. After these three get mixed together, you can add one ripe nectarine, half a cup of milk, three strawberries and a quarter of a cup filled with frozen blueberries. If you like, you can also add ice. As soon as you mix these, you can obtain one of the most energizing smoothies ever. This smoothie can even rejuvenate your body after a harsh workout at the gym, so it cannot hurt to try it.

Energizing Smoothie Recipes