Burn fat without sweating with these easy no diet weight loss tips. Depriving yourself of food is no longer an option if you wish to preserve your slender silhouette for a long time.

Instead, embrace a well-defined and balanced meal plan that includes the healthiest fruits and vegetables along with seeds and dairy products. Learn more about your slimming options with these professionally inspired calorie burning methods.

Swap Butter for Olive Oil

Are you ready to become the biggest ‘loser’ this season? Then replace butter with olive oil on your menu. Vegetable oils are extremely healthy if you learn how to embed them into your daily meals. Save up to 50 calories per serving with a similar no diet trick.

Flaxseed Trick

Shed a few pounds by sprinkling a tiny amount of flaxseed on your salads and in your yogurt. The mild aroma of this ingredient will not have any effect on your tasting buds.

The greatest advantage of flaxseed is that it can keep your metabolism on high speed. Prepare the most delicious desserts and add this common slimming ingredient to them.

Chunky Salad Trick

Chewing is a great trick to cut back on calories. Skip slicing and chop the delicious zucchini, celery or fruits into bigger pieces. Spend more time with chewing all these delicious veggies and you’ll definitely have less from the main serving.

Eat Within an Hour of Waking Up

James Duigan is a popular dietitian who offers the secret of boosting your metabolism. According to studies, the food you consume in the morning will influence your needs for the rest of the day. Therefore avoid sugary pastries in the morning to spare yourself from cravings. Rely on the magical power of protein from fish and eggs which can load you with energy to complete your daily activities.

Skip Fruits After Your Meal

Fruits require more time to be digested. Therefore, skip their consumption after having a healthy meal since your organism uses another enzyme to break them down. Let your digestive system deal with carbohydrates first and leave at least 30 minutes before having a delicious fruit rich in simple sugars.

Easy No Diet Trick

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