Consisting of 4 distinct phases, the Dukan Diet has been around for decades, but it has only recently become a star in the dieting world. Discover how each phase of the Dukan Diet works and why they’re all important for long term weight loss.

The Dukan Diet may sound too good to be true, and many nutritionists claim it has too many restrictions, but many Dukan Diet reviews posted online show it’s very popular for people who want to lose weight fast.

Principles of the Dukan Diet

Rich in protein, but low in fats and carbs, the Dukan Diet plan removes entire food groups in the early phases, then slowly reintroduces them once water weight has been lost for sustainable weight loss.

Dukan Diet Phases

Phase 1: Dukan Diet Attack Phase

The most renowned part of the Dukan Diet Menu, the Attack Phase is the most restrictive part of the diet. With 68 high protein foods, dieters are advised to mainly eat fiber in the form of oat bran and drink more than 1.5 liters of water every day, but meat has no resctictions. Without fruits and vegetables, which provide important carbs and fiber, the first phase of the Dukan Diet can lead to constipation in some dieters. It also comes with a recommended daily exercise regimen, that consists of a 20 minute walk.

Phase 2: Dukan Diet Cruise Phase

Each dieter can choose how much they follow each phase, but in the Cruise part of the diet most weight is lost, once 32 vegetables are added to the diet. When the Dukan Diet Food List reaches 100, dieters need to alternate days in which they only eat protein rich foods with days in which they can mix up the protein and the vegetables. With the same oat bran and water rules, dieters are advised to walk 30 minutes daily.

Dukan Diet Phases

Phase 3: Dukan Diet Consolidation Phase

Fruit, bread and cheese can return to your plate in the third phase of the Dukan Diet in small portions. With one meal with no restrictions every week, the Consolidation Phase seems much easier, but it also includes a daily 25 minute walk and one day every week in which they stick to only protein rich foods.

Phase 4: Dukan Diet Stabilization Phase

In the final phase of the Dukan Diet, one day is similarly dedicated to pure protein, but dieters can go off the Dukan Diet menu for the other 6 days. Long term advice also includes eating 3 tablespoons of oat bran each day and regular exercise, along with abandoning escalators and elevators in favor of stairs to keep the weight off and keep a healthy lifestyle.

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